Having some wrapping block and not sure how to wrap your Christmas presents this year? Well, we’ve got you covered – or wrapped, in this case. This year there’s no surprise that some of 2019’s biggest trends are showing up in our Christmas gifts. I mean, it definitely makes sense this year we had some of the most AMAZING palettes and designs come back to life, so seeing them in your Christmas wrap, is a definite thing to try. We’re talking animal print, navy, metallic, black & white, natural elements – and more y’all! Today we’re sharing some of the best-looking presents and the Christmas wrap trend of 2019!

Animal Print

No surprise here y’all, cheetah print, snake print – it’s all in and it’s going to be under the trees this year! With the striking pattern, the gifts are going to be just to pretty to open up! Adding some thick black or white ribbon and bows to top this wild wrapping paper, will surely leave a statement.


Navy is so in this year, and looks absolutely stunning as wrapping paper. I know when we think Christmas we usually go right to red and black, and blue isn’t always your first choice – but guys, seriously you have to try it! It makes the gifts look so sophisticated, luxurious, and actually, gives a very cozy elegant vibe all in one!


Being that metallics are a huge 2019 trend, getting some metallic or foiled wrapped is a definite must this Christmas season. Whether they’re on their own or paired with some prints to provide some contrast – going metallic is something you need to try. Plus, under the tree, the lights reflect off of them and it literally looks magical! Mauvey tones and gold tones are also going to be showing up in a lot of wrapping paper this year. The beautiful shade of pink surely will bring an extra delicate, feminine touch to your wrap, while leaving a surely lasting impression!

Black & White

Are you surprised here? I feel like we’ve been seeing black and white everywhere this last year, and of course, the duo is seen in the Christmas wrap. Going black and white is actually stunning under the tree. And what’s so fun about it, is that addition of a pop of color through some bow or ribbon, to make it complete. But it’s not just solid colors that are in – going in with white and black pattern prints will definitely slay this Christmas. You’re also going to see a ton of all white with some pops of color too! 

Kraft Paper

Brown Kraft paper is especially in for all those DIYers out there. It gives a very rustic vibe, while still bring a special, handmade vibe that we LOVE. If you have extra time on your hands, you can even make your own designs on this paper by getting some stampers and some paint. Nothing says thoughtful like crafting your own wrap! Whether it’s red & green, or black & white, plaid is also in! And they looked amazing paired with some solid colors.

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