Guys, Autumn is right around the corner, and seriously, I think the celebration of it begins earlier and earlier every year! But I mean, I don’t blame everyone for wanting the fall vibes to come early! It’s cozy, it’s comfy, and all around, things kind of just calm down. Routines are back, there are crisp leaves falling, the air gets a bit chilly, and all things are at peace. And guys, I have to be honest, I am SO here for it. But as the days get shorter, and we being to tone it down – it’s time to tone down our summer colors into fall ones! And although your typical color palette of fall reflects the leaves – this year, all these fall colors are getting even more toned down, and your bright oranges, reds, browns, yellows, and greens are going dusty toned while keeping it light and airy – and we’re not just sticking to the basic fall colors either.

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So it’s pretty obvious that the color sage has taken this spring and summer by storm! And we are loving it. Sage colored everything is everywhere, and it is so beautiful – I completely get the trend. But lucky enough, if you weren’t ready to push sage goodbye just yet, you don’t have to, because it’s here to stay! If anything you’re going to see more sage-colored pumpkins than orange this year! Paired with some ivory tones, these two colors are going to liven up your fall decor like no other. Colors in the green family like teal, and olive green are also going to be very popular, and also look good amongst other neutral and light tones. Try adding some greenery to your house this fall. Maybe hanging a sage wreath on your door with some pumpkin decor, or on your mantle, or even adding some sage to your textiles – which can be a great way to swap some summer vibes to fall!


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Burnt orange and spice are two colors that are so in this fall. I mean we usually have orange as one of the go to fall colors, but this year, toning your orange into a more burnt color or a redder cinnamon color like spice – is totally in! The burnt orange and spice gives you that really dusty vibe and really helps connect a space that has more neutral tones like gray, ivory, tan and beige. Burnt orange is a fun accent color for the fall, and you can definitely add it to your front porch decor to embrace all the fall has to offer! BTW: Check back next week for a How to do Front Porch Decor blog! Adding some burnt orange seat cushions to your patio set, some pumpkins inside and out, and even adding some tea and hand towels that have burnt orange, or some pillows with burnt orange or spice accents is a great way to ease into some fall colors.


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So, technically these colors aren’t really going too dusty this year. But, they are so in, and look so good! This fall, we’re all about embracing the blue undertoned reds! Burgundy with the beautiful rich deep color, and fuscia with the bright and deep color, and mauve with that dusty pink goodness will surely be seen in those fall floral arrangements. But these colors all stem back to one thing, and that is moody decor! Guys, the moody decor is the new trend this year, and these colors definitely give us moody, cozy, and even gothic vibes – and we’re so here for it. Try adding these colors to a floral centerpiece, or in your wreath. Adding a burgundy blanket throw on your couch or chair, or even some burgundy place settings can be just the thing to add a touch of pink without overdoing it.


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YES! One of our favorite colors here at MegMade, is SO in this year. Guys, if you ask me, I literally will tell you to go navy wherever you can. The color is just so rich, and beautiful and really looks perfect in every space. Adding some navy pillows, navy candles, navy florals, towels, table runners… guys, seriously anything, will definitely bring you those cozy fall vibes while enhancing the space!


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Adding ivory to your space is a true way to tone down from the bright summer whites to something a little more peaceful. Ivory is just so welcoming, and definitely warms the space up for the chilly days ahead. Ivory is definitely a color that you are going to see mixed in with the colors mentioned above, as it is the perfect accent color to tone down and complement any color that may be too loud. Adding ivory in your linens and textiles is definitely a way to seamlessly transition from the brightest colors of summer.


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Camel is another amazing color that’s in this fall. Since this color is a creamier, and lighter version of brown it will definitely mix in with all these fall colors beautifully! Camel can be paired with navy, ivory, sage, and burgundy to make the most beautiful fall decor! Although camel is another rich color, you won’t have all the darkness that sometimes comes with richness. It’s very earthy-toned, and looks great with neutrals – or even pops of color, as it will tone things down. It’s a really smooth looking color that looks amazing on leather and can be embraced by using natural elements look wood and wicker.

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