Ok y’all, so I’m not trying to rush Christmas here or anything, but something that I’ve found importance in is maintaining your Christmas decorations for years to come! And to do that, we have to make sure we store them properly! So, today, we’re going to tell you some amazing ways to store your Christmas decor so that it is kept organized, intact, and looking amazing year after year – and rather than rushing last minute, let’s start keeping organized right now!


Ornaments can be some of the most fragile decorations of all for Christmas! I love to use the same ornaments passed down every year, and hey I even have some from when I was a kid! In order to maintain your ornaments, you have to store them properly! First things first, getting a container that can be divided is a must! With dividers, you can store the acrylic and the glass ones apart from each other, making sure that those glass ones don’t break! A quick tip to get even some use out of your decorations is to fill each stocking with the more fragile ornaments, that way they have extra protection! If that’s not for you, using some shoe boxes and storing different types in a different shoebox would work great! Smaller ornaments also can be stored in —- egg cartons! I know! They fit perfectly in those little holes and will be kept safe for each year. Whatever you choose to do – adding some extra packing security like bubble wrap, paper, or cardboard will keep them extra safe.


Listen we all love Christmas lights – until we have to unravel them! Not only is it time-consuming, but in the unraveling process somethings, those little lights can crack and break, which can ruin the entire set of lights! Although we all are guilty of it, storing lights should be kept as orderly as possible! And hey, maybe we can even make a little game out of storing lights with the kiddos. The best way to do it is to find a sturdy object and then wrap the lights around it! For instance like a coffee can, a paper towel roll, an empty milk container, a hanger or even a tissue box – whatever you and the kiddos can find together!


If you have an artificial Christmas tree, chances are, you use the same tree from year to year! There’s something so magical knowing which tree you are going to use, and having it be brought back to life each holiday season. But in order to that, it’s time to well, put it in order! Storing a Christmas tree can be hard, especially because it’s tall and bulky! If you want to keep the tree intact, after pushing down all the branches, going ahead and getting some Christmas ribbon and tying the tree in it’s once bulkiest parts – will keep the tree in shape until the next year! Plus, it can be a super cute way to help your kids get passed the dreaded taking down the Christmas lights! Have them all help “decorate” the tree to put it away for next year! If you have some extra space in a garage, basement, or attic, try tucking the tree away in a corner, that way it has ample space and won’t get smashed!


Wreaths and garland instantly get smashed once they are put into a box. Of course, we can do some fluffing next year when they come out, but what better way to keep it maintained than to start now! Rather than placing it a bin, try hanging your wreath or garland on a hanger, and then placing it in a plastic bag – garbage bag or garment bag. If you have space in a closet, try letting them hang there throughout the year, if you put them in the attic, maybe adding a few hooks to beams will be perfect, and give you that extra space to hang some important items!


Unfortunately, this happened to me this year y’all, and some of my favorite Christmas candles melted in storage. To prevent this for the years to come, remember to always store your candles in a cool, dry and dark place. The attic is a no go for candles, as it typically gets hot up there in the summer months. A great idea is to put any candles that have aromas into plastic bags, to keep the scent fresh, and any other candles, make sure to wrap them in cloths or felt so that it keeps them from getting poked at or ruined in storage from other decor items.


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