Kent Coffey Gray Buffet

It’s Transformation Tuesday, Y’all!

This week’s before and after is literally AMAZING! I mean, I guess I feel that way about most of my pieces, but guys, for some reason – this one just makes me really excited! We took this outdated, dull transitional dresser, and made it modern and sleek – now appropriate to put into any room!


This piece was something special, I mean, look at the detail on the before! With the carvings on the top, and then even the little circle carvings near the legs, it’s just so pretty – but definitely not inviting when looking at it in its original form. You know guys, vintage furniture typically can fit in sometimes without being painted and all, if done right and dressed up correctly, BUT, this piece had no chance y’all! The designs, although amazing, kind of makes it look like the wrong kind of vintage, and definitely gives it a more NO, then WOAH vibe, and gives it the look that it hasn’t aged well.


Since this piece does have that older, more aged vibe, we chose gray because not only is it a very sophisticated color, but it literally encompasses all that modern is! Look at that detail y’all, how the gray just made it pop! Before it was painted you kind of had to search for it, and now your eye goes directly to it! With this, we kept it’s original hardware because we wanted to keep its originality and the fact that it is aged, but just modern it enough to bring it back to life to be used in any setting! Being gray, this piece can be used as a buffet, dresser, even TV stand, and will literally be that transitional piece that complements the space while giving the space something unique and different!

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