Kids Playroom/Guest Room is under way! Here’s the inspo board!

We have this room of our kitchen. Every ounce of me wanted to tear down the walls and make the kitchen/living room into one big room. However, we only plan on living here for a few years and it would be nearly suicidal as a home seller to take away a bedroom.

Second option was let Wells and Brooks have separate rooms and stick one of them in there. However, when I first moved to Chicago, I had the room off of the kitchen and let me tell you, it sucks! It is so loud and it is the worst kind of loud. It is dishes clanking, doors shutting and feet walking.

Thus, third option was turn it into a play/tv/guest room off of the kitchen. I can babysit our kids while I am cooking, while also housing my mamacita when she comes to pay a visit and help with the kiddos.

I wanted it to be a little rustic in feel, while also clean and modern. Fun, yet functional was key! So without further adeu, here is the board for the spare room. I am super excited about some of the partners on this room that I will share more about later in future posts!

I love love love Joni over at Lay Baby Lay. She is so fun and colorful. Our room is going to be more rustic and neutral, but I love how she arranged her wall. Classy, yet functional for the littles.

Our spare room is small, but needs to serve many purposes. We are excited to have it done because although it was the room I wanted to get rid of, it now serves many purposes.

Here is the mood board! Stay tuned for the reveal fairly soon!

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So ready to get at least one room in my house finished!!!

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