Last week we were all about kitchen essentials and this week, we’re all about kitchen decor trends! We all love a good kitchen, am I right? It’s often said that kitchens are what sell a home, and it’s interesting to think … why? Well, for starters, it’s one of the most used places in the home- and the place where memories are created. You know the nights you’re gathered around the kitchen table after cooking your favorite meal, the best. It’s where the kiddos sit after a long day at school to do some homework. It’s a gathering spot for the family where you all hang out and share your favorite meal or dessert, and let’s be real … obviously, the food is there, and we all know how important some good food is! So being one of the best spots in the house, you have to keep it updated, clean and fresh, and do you know the best way to do that? By keeping the decor up to date and seamless! Here are some 2019 kitchen trends that you need to try!


Source: Better Homes and Garden

There’s a lot of talk about cabinets, y’all. The colors, the style, the finish – there’s so much to choose from! I mean cabinets are literally the main furniture item in your kitchen, and literally can make or break the space (especially if you have an open floor plan). Needless to say, it’s important to keep your cabinets looking amazing! Now, I’m not saying to go out and purchase new cabinetry all together (unless you’re feeling it, then I say indulge) but there are ways to change them up and make them look new and updated. Right now, dark and contrasting cabinets are so in! An awesome update to your cabinets would be to simply paint them, I know, surprise! But seriously, painting your cabinets can literally take them from oh no, to woah! If you feel like the space is missing something and it feels very up in the air, going with a darker shade will definitely make things feel more grounded, and definitely keeping that cabinetry up to date!


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Dark is in y’all. Even with countertops (Check out our dark countertop blog)! A very moody decor trend if you ask me. Going with a darker countertop with a matte leathery finish is definitely today’s trend. And guys, it is so good. Kitchens typically have lighter shaded walls, and adding all this darkness into the kitchen will give you some contrast and dimension that your kitchen could have been missing! These dark shades add a little drama to your kitchen, and will definitely be a statement for your home! Plus, they are literally so beautifully paired with lighter and brighter accent shades. Believe it or not, darker countertops don’t absorb the light like lighter countertops do, which means, it will actually help make the space look bigger! And guys, spills, scratches or stains, are definitely easier to hide with darker countertops. 


Now stepping away from the furniture, linear lighting in a kitchen is a trend that we hope is here to stay! Linear lighting may be viewed as modern, but it really doesn’t have to be. The straight lines, with squared out decor, giving some awesome rectangle vibe, is a very sleek, seamless and clean design that pairs well with these trends above. Right now, we’re all about the metal accents and both the symmetric and asymmetric decor elements, and making your lighting fixtures a focal point while incorporating this trend is an awesome way to add some updates to your kitchen, without changing much.

HardwareSource: Rejuvenation

Guys, seriously, hardware changes everything! I mean do you see our MegMade pieces and how they literally transform once we put some hardware on them? Sometimes all it takes is to change the hardware on your cabinets, to give your kitchen a whole new look and vibe. Right now, inset and cut out handles are so in! They not only make your cabinets feel fresh and in style, but they also make them seem more custom and customized for your home! But you guys know I’m a sucker for a good piece of hardware, so finding something intricate and different will literally give you some amazing vibes. Hardware is so fun because there are so many options to choose from, and they’re easy to pair with your other decor elements.


Source:Elle Decor

Now apart from the hardware and lighting, mixing metals is a trend that we are loving! If you have gold hardware on your cabinets, going with a different color faucet set, and appliance hardware can really look so good. Going with some chairs with a metal baser, or even an island with a metal base (can you picture anything better) can offset those other metals, creating an amazing, and aesthetically pleasing look. One rule of thumb though – make sure that you create some consistency and make it look purposely done (well I guess that’s two rules). But really, If you’re going with a gold faucet set, incorporate some gold elements elsewhere. Definitely yes to adding different color metals, but make sure to add enough that it looks like a statement rather than something messy!


Source: Laurel B Interiors

I feel like islands have been in for a while now, but the freestanding islands are definitely a newer trend! Freestanding islands literally give the space a more open feeling, while adding some purpose to the furniture elements. Not only do these islands give you that extra space that we all need, but they literally become an accent in the room, because well – they’re just simply amazing! What I love about islands is that they don’t have to match the rest of your cabinetry which means that they can be completely custom for the look you are going for. The island can be a newer piece that is more modern, or it can be made from a vintage piece that you can transform it into an island, both of which will literally look amazing in your home. Plus, your island can double as a table! Add some stools around it and wala, you’ve got yourself a dining set – so incredible. Tip: If you have a smaller space, a rolling island that you can tuck away is a great option to create the same freestanding vibe.


Source: Domino

As the subway tile trend still remains in style, we’re slowly moving away from tile to stone! An awesome trend right now is continuing your countertop stone all the way up as a backsplash! Not only does it create an awesome statement, but it also makes the kitchen seem seamless. With the stone backsplash, adding some open shelving truly creates the ultimate pairing, that makes the space seem larger and gives it some functional decor elements.

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