Labor Day Celebration Ideas

Guys, I say it with hesitation, but Labor Day is right around the corner. I know, eek. But you guys rock, and you totally earned this day! It’s all about celebrating all your hard work, so on September 2, 2019, to be exact, we’re going to do just that. For many, Labor Day signifies that summer is coming to end, our going to sleep whenever we want, and our kiddos no school attitudes are going to be turning into routines, and the long and hot days of summer are turning into longer nights and brisk days. But on the bright side, fall is here y’all, and if you’re like me, you live all year for that fall weather. Yes! The coziness, keeping your windows open for the chilly air to fill the house, and the layering of blankets… okay, sorry got a little caught off guard there. But yes, Labor Day is right around the corner, and just as we brought summer in with a bang, it’s time to go out with an amazing Labor Day celebration! And guys, celebration doesn’t always mean a party. Today we’ve got you covered today with some ah-mazing celebration ideas!


I guess depending on how you see it, whether you’re going for a fun and an energized party or a cozy and an effortless vibe, relaxation is a must in whichever you go about it. Like I said earlier, Labor Day signifies the end of summer, which for some can mean the end of their relaxation, and because of that, your guests have to feel relaxed, comfortable, and put in the mindset to be ready to take on whatever they encounter after the holiday! To create that relaxed vibe, add all the effortless aspects of summer into the celebration. Grill some burgers and hotdogs, add some floats to the pool, provide plenty of shade with umbrellas and canopies, have some relaxed and chill sounding music playing and most importantly, RELAX! Try to make this party the least stressful as possible. You don’t need to go out and deck the backyard with decorations and cook food for days with a never ending menu. Stick to the basics and the things that are easiest for you because having a party that represents the true feelings of summer, is the best way to celebrate!


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Labor Day is definitely one of the last days to truly enjoy the beach with the safety of lifeguards, and feeling like you’re still in summer mode! Take advantage of it! With most people off from work, it’s time to get your friends and family and mozie on down to the beach! When you’re there – take in the sounds, the smells, the feelings, and embrace every second! Although it’s only a good 8 months away until next summer, you will appreciate having this last day of toes in the sand and getting some extra tan mentality. Let the kiddos bring some toys, and the adults bring some lounge chairs, and come prepared packed with a picnic so you can soak in every last minute of your time at the beach!


Along with some relaxation, it’s time to indulge! You guys so deserved it. Indulge in something harmless that you’ve been wanting. Buy that cake you’ve been eyeing but haven’t tried, or go out and buy yourself a new purse or tool, or binge-watch your favorite show. Some harmless indulgence is what you deserve, and it’s your way to treat yourself for being the hard worker that you are!


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Now family time can mean a bunch of different things, but if you got the kiddos, it’s your last few days to spend time with them before we dive head first into homework and early routines! To make the most of these last days, do something fun with the kiddos that you usually enjoy, or try something new! Perhaps go to the Zoo that you’ve been wanting to go to all summer. Or even take the kids on a back to school shopping adventure and have them pick out their first day of school outfit. Maybe even just embrace the outdoors and take them to a park where you can set up a little picnic and go for a walk. Or, if you want to stay indoors, have a bowling day or movie date – anything that is a stress reliever, and will help you and the kiddos get in the right positive mindset to say goodbye to summer, and hello to school!


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Joe and I and the kids just got back from an awesome East Coast vacay! It’s so nice to spend time with the family, or even just your hubby and just take a much-needed break to reset and come back strong! Since most people get a three day weekend, why not go on a mini-vacay? Wineries, beach vacations, nature spots… there are tons of spots to go to spend a few days to reset, and it’s the perfect time to do so! 


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Honestly, guys, this can be just what you need for this labor day. There’s not always a need to party, and there doesn’t always need to be plans. Maybe just taking the day to hang out with yourself could be just what you need! Take some “me time”. Sleep in late, make some tea, read that book you’ve been wanting to catch up on, make yourself an amazing breakfast, go for a walk, listen to some music, take a bath, binge watch TV, stay in your PJs all day, do some art, do a workout or yoga, even write if you’re into it – do whatever it takes to make you feel relaxed, grounded, and to get you in that motivated and positive mindset! Maybe since our days are so planned and routine-based, give yourself a day to not be in a routine, and fully embrace the natural aspects of life by experiencing the day moment by moment.


Guys, the take away from this all is to relax. Fall is quickly arriving, and just because it’s the end of summer doesn’t mean that all is bad. Good things are a-coming! And it’s time to ease ourselves into that process. Enjoy these last weeks of summer guys! 

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