Last Minute Easter Hosting Ideas

Need some last minute Easter hosting ideas? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! Looking to spruce up your dinner table? Or maybe effortlessly add some decorations to the room? I have some simple additions that you can add right now! Easter is the time of celebrating the resurrection,  life, spring and family – and incorporating that into your hosting décor will make for a beautiful celebration.

Pass the Pastels

When you think of spring, that light and airy feel comes right to mind. So why not incorporate that into your Easter décor? The quickest way to do this would be to add pastel and light colors to your dinner table! Adding some pastel place settings or napkins to the table will offer that freshness that you so desire. Ooh, and don’t forget those pastel eggs! Dying eggs light and pale colors, can make for an amazing centerpiece that will brighten up the space!

Source: Martha Stewart 

Bringing the outside in

One thing I love about Easter is the natural vibe that it brings. When I think of Easter, I think of having egg hunts outside amongst the tall trees, eating all the fresh veggies that are included in the dinner, and of course leaving out the carrots that the Easter bunny eats. So a great theme to add to the décor for the celebration is to bring the outdoorsy elements, inside. Although this is another idea for your place settings, adding a table runner under a large vase of tulips would be easy and also a showstopper! Flowers like tulips or daisies, would enhance the look of your table, while still creating a naturalist vibe. 

Let’s Not Forget About Those Chocolate Bunnies

Whose to say those delicious chocolate bunnies are only for eating? Well, let’s be real, they are definitely going to be eaten, but before they are, adding ribbon tied bunnies (like above) to the table will make your guests all too happy. And after dinner, everyone can either take home their bunny as a favor, or indulge in it for dessert!

Jordan Almonds, Anyone?

To shy away from the table, and add some décor to your space, making a Jordan Almond wreath can be a fun activity for you and your family, and a lovely addition to your décor! By simply getting a Styrofoam wreath, a hot glue gun, and some Jordan Almonds, and by gluing them to the Styrofoam, you will get a gorgeous Easter wreath! Not only is this as easy as a pea, it is something the family can enjoy. Also, wreaths can get pricey, so crafting this would be a viable option to save some money while still making a beautiful decoration.

Source: Country Living Magazine

Decorate the Side Table

Everyone always forgets about the side table. Use that to your advantage, and make it one of your decoration focal points! Adding a wooden or slate cutting board, or a tiered cake dish, and displaying Easter-esque items on it, can be a pleasant surprise. Adding items such as ceramic bunnies, robin eggs in a bowl, or some brass and silver candle holders, can create a decoration that no one expected! You can also play around with this, and add this set up to an ottoman, coffee table, mantle, or even your kitchen countertops!

Source: Home with Holiday

Time for Dessert

If by some chance the foiled wrapped bunnies make it home with your guests, you need to have some mouthwatering desserts available to indulge in! To start, having the Cadbury Robin Eggs available to add in coffee, will be a sweet chocolate surprise that will leave your guests in shock! Another cute idea for dessert would be to make Easter egg cake pops, dipped in pink, yellow, light green, and light blue melted chocolate! To make this, take a simple cake pop recipe, and mold the baked cake into an egg shape balls, dip it in chocolate, let dry, and serve it in an Easter basket! If you are really short on time, a great option for dessert would be to set up an Easter “Sundae” Station! Just get a gallon of ice cream, and in individual mason jars add some chocolate Cadbury eggs, marshmallow Peeps, pastel sprinkles, and some chocolate syrup, and wala, you got yourself a sundae station!

Source: Sarah Sarna

Enjoy Your Holiday!

All in all, I wish you all a beautiful Easter. As a Christian, this holiday means so much, it really means everything! So take this time to really appreciate your family and loved ones and stay grateful, because life is beautiful and that alone calls for a celebration!

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