Hi, Y’all! It’s Friday – finally! I feel like the first full week back from the holidays is always so confusing. Your first confused about which day it is, what time it is, what your normal routine is – honestly, things get messy this week, but we keep powering through right? This Friday, I wanted to share a really cute saying that I feel like we all struggle with sometimes – Live in Your Pretty Spaces. I feel like we all work so hard to make our homes reflect who we are. We pick out the perfect materials, the perfect shades, and all around, the perfect decor – that makes our home feel complete and well, perfect. The problem is though, sometimes we actually forget to live in those perfect places. Maybe you have a couch in a gathering space that you don’t want to ruin, so you barely use it. Or you have the most beautiful candle, and you don’t want to light it. We fear making these things no longer feel “new”, and what we eventually get is having a whole bunch of “once” new things, that we’ve never used – while we buy and accumulate less valuable things to use instead. Y’all – it’s time to start living in your pretty spaces! Use that candle, sit on that couch, use that new bedspread that you bought a month ago and are waiting for the room to be clean enough to put on the bed, use those new dishes, LIVE IN YOUR PRETTY SPACES! Your house is meant to be lived in, and your stuff is meant to be used. Life becomes brighter y’all when you just embrace all the good that you have, and you stop trying to hold onto that good and new feeling. Of course, it’s nice to feel new, but it’s even better to feel settled, to have a  connection to yourself and your surroundings, and once you start to live in those pretty spaces – that’s where you and your family will feel most like you! So with this weekend, try to live in the spaces of your home that you haven’t yet! Enjoy every part of it, and have the best weekend yet!


*featured image by Studio McGee 

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