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I was never much of a journal-er growing up, but always wished that I would have been. I wish I could look back now and see what was exciting me or bothering me at earlier ages. I think you can learn so much from your younger self. So this new series, Love Letters, is a weekly journal to myself to keep track of life’s happenings. It is going to be weekly (not daily) as I need to set myself up for success…eek

I love that my first letter is a recap of my recent trip home for a family wedding, as well as a list of a few of my favorite places in Kansas City. I grew up moving back and forth from Kansas City to London. Two very different places, but it was perfect for me. I like to think I got the charm of the midwest with the dreams and aspirations of a big city. I graduated from high school in London and London remains one of my favorite places on earth, but KC has a huge piece of my heart. There is a reason it is constantly called America’s best kept secret. It is true. The people are kind, the city is beautiful and the food is seriously awesome…oh and now all of a sudden the Royals are on the map.

My mom is the oldest of seven. We are very close to our cousins. We like basically all grew up with each other. So when my cousin Brian asked for my boys to be the ring bearers in his wedding, I quickly said, “yes!” He married this darling girl named Leslie, whom if she lived closer, I’m pretty sure we would be bff’s. She is amazing. She is smart, determined and absolutely beautiful! She also grew up overseas and now both of them live in Houston.

Their wedding reception was at Boulevard Brewery. Many of you are probably familiar with Boulevard Wheat, probably my favorite beer on earth…and quite possibly only beer I don’t have to choke down. I am not much for beer, obviously. They have an event space around the brewery that seated the huge wedding party and had Jack Stack BBQ catered and it was divine.Below is my family, minus my two kiddos, who were home with a babysitter. Sad they were not there, but so nice to have an adult night out. Oh and that is “my little man” behind me. He is my nephew Jeremiah who I am obsessed with. If you know me well you know that I could not be more proud of this 6’10” junior in high school. And of course, leave it Joe to be fun. He is the best it is clear why everyone loves to have him around. He is just plain old fun.We got a cousin shot there too. We were almost all there, minus a couple of us. This is seriously the greatest group of peeps and Brian (the groom), is next to me in the middle. Leslie, you are a lucky lady!The next day, we were able to hang out as the wedding wasn’t until evening. It was fun to go through my parents house that I helped design remotely with a fine tooth comb. I will reveal their house shortly, but am hoping to get it in a magazine, so will let you know shortly on that one. Fingers crossed as it is simply beautiful.

Then later that day, we got all dolled up for a fancy wedding. It was so fun to get dressed up as Joe, the kids and I are normally very casual. After all I am around paint all day and our kids basically call dirt their second home. See, even we can look fancy! Yes!! On Sunday, we were bound and determined to get a full family photo as it has been years since we accomplished it. I think we nailed it! And this pic of my boys with their cousin Jay is priceless! I am so glad they love each other so much!We decided to stay an extra couple of days as Joe and I needed some time away from work to just hang out with our boys and unplug a little. So Monday we all got prepared for the eclipse. We didnt think it was going to be visible since it freaking poured AAAALLLLL morning long, but because God is good, it cleared up just in time to see the moon eclipse the sun by 99.7 percent. Although I think it was slightly over-hyped, it was still cool to be outside, see it in one of the best place in the country…and do it with the people I love most.And then the pool. It was empty because of the torrential downpour 5 minutes before!The whole weekend was amazing, but this two-hour pool trip was one of my favorites. We had so much fun and laughed so hard. These pictures of Wells and Brooks below show their relationship. They are absolute best friends and it makes me the happiest mom around. I just pray they remain best friends forever.And this pictures sums up the weekend. Thumbs up to KC and to Mimi for being the best host, grandma and mom ever.I just love this city so much. I honestly think about moving there every time I am home, but Chicago, I love you too!

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