Love Letters – Pink is neutral

Neutral used to be white, gray, black and beige. However, pink is making its way onto that list of colors that play well with others. There have been times that blue and green have made their way into the famous neutral club, but pink is inching its way in and has been for a while. Because it has been a part of the club for a couple of years now, I think it is safe to say it can stay a while. It is no longer the color reserved for a little girls nursery or a girly girls apartment, it is being widely accepted by both genders alike. Finally!

We institute a new color into our in-house colors every season, well every time we remember to (truth moment) and this season will be the new neutral. We have chosen Farrow and Ball’s Pink Ground. This color has a brown undertone to it which makes it less pink in my book and more taupe. It can be super neutral or the pop of color you need, making it the perfect color to add a bit of rosy warmth.


Here are some inspo photos of what this color looks like in real life.

This entryway is perfection in my book. I love the earthy planter and the fiddle tree paired with a counter that matched the perfect wall.  (Nordic Design)

I am strongly considering painting my front door this color after seeing this entryway. We are going to add tile too and although this is not my favorite I love how it pairs with black and white. via My House Candy

I dont have a nook in my house like this but if I did, I would want it just like this. Please people paint your nooks in this color, it is too good to e truth with this cream laccquered desk and gold leafed legs. via Alice Lane Home Collection

This is the neutral version of this color. With a light filled room, it almost looks white. I love love love it with the mid century look and the grass cloth windwo treatments. via Farrow and Ball

Needless to say I am in love and I want to paint this world pink, so come in now and order something in pink and it wont be a custom color charge through the Fall!


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