Meet Amanda: Amanda Lydy’s Home Reveal!

Meet Amanda! Principal and Owner of Lydy Designs, a designer who loves Italian modern, but appreciates architectural detail with dashes of modernity – but she isn’t afraid to throw in pattern and florals within the details! Not only does she love the history that goes into interior design, but she loves to implement that into her design schemes. Her motto is – Work-Life-Balance, and while she dives deep into her projects with that always in mind, her passion is always to help her clients re-invest in themselves, by giving them that space to recharge! While she may be rocking some dark purple nail polish for fall, she’s all about implementing pops of bright color throughout her home and client’s spaces! In one of her most recent projects, Amanda did a home makeover, adding some of our Meg Made pieces into the design. Here’s Amanda’s home reveal!

How would you describe your design style?

So hard to answer – I love Italian modern for the simplicity and clean lines. But appreciate architectural detail and LOVE the current Maximalism Movement that is happening. I think what feels most natural to me is incorporating a little bit of both – family heirlooms and dashes of modernity. And then pops of pattern or florals for a little surprise in the details! 

Where do you get inspiration for your designs?

Everywhere! Fashion, print media, boutique hotels and restaurants (my former design life), fellow colleagues that I look up to! Usually, when I come across Australian or British inspo, it finds itself in my next project concepts.

Walk us through your design process: How do you start a project?

Mmmm, not sure I can share this, because I think it sets me apart from many other designers. I learned my process from my mentors in the industry who have been crushing interior design for 25+ years. I’m so thankful to have worked for their wisdom and talents. 

What is the biggest difference when designing a residential property as opposed to a commercial?

My favorite part of transitioning from boutique hospitality to residential is the drastic decrease in the scale of projects and closer proximity to the client. And I honestly feel that I’m making a difference in my clients’ lives. I receive very personal and special gratification from my collaboration with my clients. 

Why did you choose Meg Made pieces for your projects?

Because Meg Made appreciates history and quality craftsmanship, the way that I do. They love implementing different periods into one design scheme – and that’s my all-time fave. 

It’s almost fall! How are you incorporating some fall decor into your home?

I haven’t yet! But what I will do, is start with fresh-cut burgundy dahlias, swap out my throw pillows and throws, and bust out the dark nail polish, obviously! 

If you had to dress up, what’s your go-to Halloween costume?

I’m the worst. I usually wait for my fiancé to tell me what to wear, usually involving face paint and a wig to match his fully planned costume.

Trick or Treat- What’s a trick you can share with us when styling a space?

Frame a piece of wallcovering for a high impact, large-scale piece! There are so many gorgeous wallcoverings out there that I consider to be artwork. Order a yard sample and custom frame it – my go-to move. 

What’s your favorite thing about designing?

Giving our clients a home that actually recharges and inspires them, to dominate their next day. We are all completely over-worked and over-stimulated. People desperately need a space of reprieve, that relaxes and inspires. I think it truly makes a difference in our clients’ lives. 

What colors are you most drawn to?

Right now – grayish-blue or green, or hyper-saturated blue/indigo or green. My condo is several shades of green and kisses of indigo. And I’m obsessed with it. With fall swinging in, I love caramel, burgundy, ivory… and green. Always a shade of green in there somewhere. 

What’s the boldest design decision you have made?

Selling to a client the value of incorporating different finishes at their kitchen cabinets, in their new construction home. Not talking different colored lowers and uppers or different island finish. But full-on different finishes at adjacent cabinets, both uppers and lowers. Install pics yet to come and can’t wait to share!

What do you think is more important: Functionality, or aestheticism?

Functionality is vitally important. So function first, and then aestheticism, a half step behind. 


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