Here at MegMade, our team is like family to us. We're a small but mighty team! Joe and I want you guys to know them like we know them - because working with them is an extension of working with us! Meet Hannah: Our Store Manager!!
Hannah was born in St. Louis, MO and graduated from Columbia College here in Chicago with a degree in fashion and business. Little did she know, when she moved to the city she would build roots here that would last a lifetime - she's lived in Chicago for almost 10 years now!  
Traveling has always been a passion of Hannah's. She's been all around the world, and usually tries to make it out of the country at least once a year (well, before all this craziness!!). Her top five favorite countries to visit are: Peru, Denmark, Thailand, Ecuador, and New Zealand. She even spent a summer in Chiang Mai, Thailand working with elephants. "I love experiencing different cultures and traditions. My my next trip, I want to visit somewhere in Africa. It's the only content I haven't visited yet besides Antarctica!"
Since she's started at MegMade, Hannah has started her hand at DIY! Her favorite projects so far have been wallpapering and painting a few pieces with our MegMade DIY Furniture Paint. (Click HERE to shop our paint line.)  
"I've started to really love doing DIY projects throughout my apartment because our products make it so easy! Both projects seemed daunting at the time, but putting up our On The Prowl paper was such a fun project and probably only took me an hour! Repainting furniture with our DIY paint line was so easy because there's barely any prep involved, and I think both of the pieces I did turned out amazing."
Hannah's newest apartment is "MegMaded out"! Her two favorite products from the store is our Olsen Tapered Arm Chair and her custom faux leather ottoman! How cute is her living room?! Her biggest design tip? Embrace imperfections! "Especially when you're working with vintage pieces, embrace the imperfections - it's the history of the piece shining through!" 
Hannah is a people person. She thrives off of getting to meet each different person that comes to the store each day - because each customer has such a beautiful and unique personality! She has a background in working with small businesses. She started out in women's fashion & found a passion for seeing companies grow from the ground up! "I've always been super interested in working with a company from the beginning. I'm super excited to add people to the team as we grow & for customers to get the chance to know more about us and be just excited about our story as we are!"
​Hannah is one of my favorite people - her energy is contagious!! Stop in-store, ask her some design questions & get to know her or keep an eye out for her on our stories. Next up: our Assistant Store Manger, Cami! 

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