Meet Purpose, MegMade’s New Mascot

On Saturday, we welcomed the newest member of our MegMade Family…Purpose the Pig. He traveled all the way from Florida to get to us this weekend and so when he arrived, he needed lots of love. We showed him his new home, a little pen we created for him in our showroom.

He’s soooo cute, but still getting used to his new family and home. We are working our way into his heart through some serious belly rubbing, which he LOVES. We can take him on walks with his little harness… he is surprisingly speedy for someone with such little legs!!


His coloration goes so well with his new digs, don’t you think? We named him Purpose because of our tagline, “Furniture with Purpose.” However, it also has a new meaning! The first night we brought him home, Babe happened to be playing on TV. In Babe, if you remember, some of the animals in the barn make fun of Babe because “pigs have no purpose”…other than to be eaten. Well around here, we believe everyone and everything has purpose. For our piggy, his work tasks include boosting morale, entertaining children while their parents shop, and maybe someday we will teach him a thing or two about furniture…they say pigs are one of the smartest animals!


Purpose (aka Purpee aka Lil’ Purp) is a micro-pig, meaning he will only get up to 30 or 40 lbs. Pigs are denser than dogs, so that’s still much smaller than a 30 lb dog. He is also a deaf pig, so he can put up with all of the action around here Purpose is still settling in here at MegMade, but come by and give him a belly rub to welcome him to Chicago! We will be teaching him to paint any day now…

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