This week has come and gone y’all, and let me tell you – it’s been one crazy ride! It’s so crazy that so much can happen in one week, and how every week is new and different from the last. But honestly, oftentimes, we don’t even realize the blessings we encounter on a weekly or even daily basis, and we are always so drawn to focus on the negative, rather than all that is going good. No matter how tough times can get, or how bad a day can be, there are so many positivities around us that need our attention, and I think it’s an important lesson for us to not only learn but for us to take part in. As things wind down, and the weekend begins, I want to take the time to tell you my Top Five favorite things about this week. I want you guys to get to know me a little bit more, the other side of Meg, and I want to hopefully inspire you to follow me every Friday, and share some of your Top 5 moments! Whether it’s simply waking up earlier one day, or cooking an amazing dinner, I want you guys to reminisce on your Top 5 for the week along with me, and start making steps to focus on the more positive things in life!

1 – Brooks Started Jr. Kindergarten

Brooks started Junior Kindergarten! I was one proud mama this week, watching my middle child walk through those doors of Jr.Kindergarten. It’s so crazy how fast time flies. And it’s not meant to be said in a negative way, but it’s meant more as just a general realization that life is always happening! Brooks wore his favorite camo outfit and met his new teacher, Ms. Hayes, and of course had some jitters going in. But he came home, and could not stop talking about it! I am so excited for my little guy.

2. Our New Au Pair Arrived

Our new Au Pair, Yaha, arrived! She is just so great, and I could not be happier about how things are going with her. My kids love her, Joe and I love her, our previous au pair Laura loves her (she is still here ;)) and even our pup JaCk loves her! She is settling in nicely, and I am so excited to be apart of her journey in the USA!

3. When Life Gives you Lemons, Make Lemonade

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade – ever hear that one? Well, it couldn’t be more true. We had a few issues with some theft this week, and as scary as it was, and as scary as it may seem, things happen for a reason, right? Long days this week were spent tracking the steps of what could have happened, and although it’s stressful and exhausting, I can only make the best of the situation. It’s in these times of struggle, that you really spend quality time with those who you trust most. Joe and I tackled this together, and to really make lemonade out of lemons, we got to spend some time together that may have otherwise been spent doing errands, or focusing on work. Whatever the case may be, there are better days ahead, and try to find some light in every situation!

4. This Blog Post

THIS BLOG POST! If you’ve been following our blog lately, you would have seen that this week we embraced the new, while embracing the old as well. We introduced our weekly Transformation Tuesday, our new Bi-Weekly Throwback Thursday, and our weekly Friday Five! I am so happy to start writing more blogs for you guys because these more personal blogs will give you more insight of who we are beyond MegMade, while showing you the reason we started MegMade with the transformations of our furniture!

5. My Friend’s Restaurant Opened

Source: Old Pueblo Cantina

My friend’s new restaurant opened! Old Pueblo Catina – 1200 W Webster Ave, Chicago, IL 60614.  Guys, you need to check it out! The food is literally amazing. The food is “Authentic Sonoran flavors of Arizona and Mexico”, and literally out of this world! I got Sylvia’s Chile Relleno, it was a Plato with all cheese and avocado, salsa and rice – so delicious. I am so excited for them and so happy that they’re making their dreams a reality.

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