MegMade on the Map…We Ship!

2015.05.06 MegMademap_UsaMegMade has now been open as a store for just over a year and a half and we are constantly amazed at God’s goodness in how He has grown this company! Never in my wildest dreams did I think that over half of the map would be covered in blue with states that house at least one of our pieces!

I am thrilled to say that there is at least one piece of MegMade furniture in thirty, may I repeat, THIRTY, states! What?!? That is crazy town!

Why, do you say, is MegMade being purchased across the country? This is what we hear the most:

1. Our pieces are on-of-a-kind and beautiful: And to that, we say thank you! We love what we do and have a whole heck of a lot of fun doing it!

2. The quality of the pieces is higher than what is made today: Well, we have to agree. With the increase in labor and material prices, the quality of new furniture has gone down. Wood is being replaced with laminate and mdf, while dovetailing is being replaced with glue. Vintage pieces are the way to go if you want super high quality.

3. Our prices of course: We aim to keep the prices of our pieces very fair and affordable. Our prices are nearly half of big box retailers and significantly less than most re-finishing storefronts around the country.

4. Quality Paint Job: We love DIYers, we are DIYers through and through. However, we have invested thousands of dollars into top notch equipment that can make a piece look fabulous that the majority of DIYers just don’t have.

So, even though there are shipping costs, the majority of people who buy from us out of Chicago say it is super worth it!

If you are someone who doesn’t live near Chicago and are interested in a MegMade piece, please let us know! We have shipments that go across the states weekly!

Thanks for supporting our business! Our dreams are coming true and your homes are becoming just that much more spectacular! Win-Win!



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