Memorial Day Celebration Ideas

Memorial Day Weekend is here, and you know what that means, summer is right around the corner! Beaches are open, there is warmth in the air, and it’s time to leave those jackets behind. The summer sun is upon us guys! And whether you’re going to a party, or hosting one yourself, we got you covered on the absolute best ideas to help make your Memorial Day special! But before we do, let’s take a step back to appreciate what Memorial Day really is.  Although easy to get caught up in the excitement that Memorial Day means for summer, and for the tan skinned and flip flops that are awaiting for us, let us remember that Memorial Day is our time to thank and honor our beautiful heroes. Let’s take a moment for all those who are serving and have served our country, for those who have passed in their line of duty  and for those who are still fighting to this day. Meg Made wants to personally thank you. Thank you for your courage, your strength, your bravery, and for making our country and its people safe. God Bless America and God Bless our Veterans.

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Keeping our heroes in mind, our celebrations should be top notch and should represent all that the USA is! When you think of America, you think of Red, White and Blue, and that color theme is essential in throwing a Memorial Day party- and there is never too much. Some basic ideas for your celebration is to have patriotic themed plates, straws, napkins, and of course, centerpieces, and table cloths to decorate the space (And if you have a flag hanging, make sure your flag is half raised that day, in observance of our veterans!) But incorporating some red, white and blue lights around the yard, especially when it gets dark out, would proudly illuminate this party and the night sky, in America’s colors! One of my favorite things to do to add some dimension and design to any party, would be too add some balloons to ground! Yup, that’s right. On top of red, white, and blue balloon centerpieces, adding red, white and blue balloons all around the ground, will be a show stopper, and makes the space seem more inviting. No helium needed! Grab a pump, and blow some balloons up, and there you go! And as an added plus, your kids will play and kick them around, and be occupied with their friends! How can you pass that up?

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Like I said earlier, this party is the start of summer, and you want to host a celebration that will set that tone. To start, sending out invites is a must. Sending out invites may be a little more time consuming than a regular text, but receiving one will get your guests ready and excited to celebrate. And what better way to set the summer tone, then by throwing a BBQ? Usually when you think of Memorial Day, a BBQ goes hand in a hand. Make sure to incorporate all-American classics into the food. Hotdogs, burgers, french fries, ribs, beans…. basically anything you can fit on that BBQ, make sure to grill it! Everyone loves a good ol’ BBQ bash, and this is the absolute perfect time to throw it. Make sure to include Ketchup, Mustard, Relish and Mayo to some side dishes, and to make it extra patriotic, put them into patriotic serving bowls! Remember, the more toppings… the better.


Besides the food, we need an amazing decor element for Memorial Day! Something simple, (and a good art project for the kids) is to get mason jars and spray paint them red, white and blue! Add some red, white and blue silk flowers to the jars, and make a cute display for the table. Another great idea is to make a clothespin wreath. Have your kiddos paint the clothespins red, white, and blue and then get a wire wreath, and pin them on, and you have a cute, patriotic wreath to welcome your guests at the front gate or door! Plus, adding a burlap bow to the bottom, will give it that extra touch! Don’t have time for the creative stuff? No worries! Grab a tiered cake dish, and display it on your table. Add some little flags, red, white and blue straws, and cream colored dish ware. Bonus points for adding an American wood theme sign!

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A great idea to make your guests, both adults and children, swoon, would be too create a red, white and blue slushy mocktail! (Liquor can be included after for the adults). All it takes is 2 1/2 cups water, 2 cups lemon juice, 3/4 cup sugar, ¼ cup Grenadine or maraschino cherry liquid, blue food coloring and for the adults only, add in some vodka, and wala, you have yourself a red, white and blue cocktail! To see the directions, check out this recipe here.


After a great American BBQ, decor elements that are wow-worthy, and summer quickly approaching, we need to end this party with an awesome patriotic dessert!  You can definitely go safe and make a traditional flag cake, or red, white, and blue frosted cupcakes! Or, you can get a little creative and make strawberry (red), marshmallow (white) and blueberry( blue) skewers. Another scrumptious option would be to make a patriotic trifle. All you need are some raspberries or strawberries, blueberries and some whipped cream and bananas, all layered for a heavenly dessert. Plus, these desserts are a great option to bring if you are not hosting and are going to a party!

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Here at Meg Made, we want to wish you and your families a wonderful, and safe Memorial Day. Enjoy the last days of spring, as summer is right around the corner. Thank you to our heroes for all that you do for this country, every single day. God Bless the USA.

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