Mid-Century Dresser


I feel like I say this almost every week, but I can’t help it because it’s really true about every piece – this was one of our favorite pieces! Guys, this dresser before and after is probably one of our greatest transformations! This dresser literally had wallpaper on the top. Typically we don’t go after projects to this extent but we knew the reveal would be one of the best transformations we’ve ever had. This dresser took some more time than usual to strip and sand it down to be redone – but it was totally worth it!


This dresser is literally a piece of art in and of itself. The detail is just amazing, and the way the wood pattern is on and near the drawers is just so different than what we typically see. I love this piece because it has a youthful look, even though it came to us looking super outdated. But y’all this piece had the most amazing base and original hardware – that we HAD to bring it back to life!


Before we redid this, the design was getting lost in the mundane wood coloring, but we tried to bring it back to life with some bright white and dark brown to highlight the amazing detail! Bright white just made this very mild piece seem lively and exciting! It literally gave it so much versatility where it can now be used in almost any space with any decor style. White helped highlight the age of the piece, but made it look new and fresh and ready to go!


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