Mid Century Wardrobe

It’s Transformation Tuesday Y’all!

This week we’re showcasing this re-invitaged Mid Century Wardrobe! I know what you’re saying, what’s re-invintaged? Well, it’s kind of like re-inventing, but embracing the vintage and making it look vintage but new? Does that make sense? This stunning piece was brought back to life, while still looking like it’s from the past, and y’all, sometimes that’s not the easiest thing to do!


The natural wood grain on this piece is EVERYTHING! This piece is very unique to itself, and it has two different grains instantly stood out to us. Next, it’s a wardrobe! Although you may think they’re extra common, they’re not as common as you would think, especially in this condition and shape. And lastly, that hardware! I LIVE for this hardware. The long metals with intricate designs are just so beautifully dated looking but in a good way. It looks like it’s from the past, and even when re-done, it still gives us those past vibes – but without trying too hard for them!


We chose this beautiful gray-toned blue to bring this piece some peace, but also make it pop! The blue tones the elements of the past down, but still make it pop amongst today’s furniture. We two-toned this piece because that’s what gives it the added vintage feel. Furniture was two-toned a lot back in the day, so we obviously had to bring that trend to this piece! We chose a gray stain for the drawers because it took the undertones from the blue, and just made everything look cohesive, fresh, and ready to displayed!

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