MUST-HAVE Patterns for Fall 2019

I know guys, I am getting a bit carried away with all these fall blogs – but how can I not? Fall is in the air, and we need to be ready to embrace all that’s to come – and in order to do that, we have to start in the home! This year we have seen so many different patterns and textures pop up, and a lot of throwback patterns like cheetah and plaid – are back in action. Besides the Fall 2019 trend of warmer and dustier colors, we’re going to focus on all those amazing patterns that are going to be so in for Fall 2019- and you just have to try them.

*featured image by Oh Finale on Etsy! 


Source: Finnish Design Shop

Floral is the new design trend that has taken over 2019! We started with those beautiful leafy green prints, and we are now transitioning into bigger and better things – bigger floral that is. The bigger the flower, the more the power, okay I know that was a bit much. But it’s so true! This fall, try adding some big floral to your fall decor. Go in and add a burnt orange floral tablecloth to your table, or add a throw blanket with the pattern. If you want to make a true statement, going in with floral wallpaper or some wall art can do just the trick.


Source: 29 Design Studio

Now, it’s not that plaid is only in if it’s black and white, but guys, plaid is really in if it’s in black and white. This trend is literally taking over Fall 2019! You’re going to see black and white plaid doormats, blankets, pillows, upholstery – it will literally be everywhere! What’s so great about this trend is that it’s very easy to mix into your decor. Black and white kind of presents itself as a neutral color, and because of that, it can kind of be meshed into any style without having to do a complete makeover of the room!


Source: Etsy

Those geometric patterns are surely back in style, they usually come back every 10 years or so!  Whether its some fabric on your dining room chairs or if its the pattern of your new area rug, or even if its the pattern of your backsplash – geometric is in, and we hope it’s here to stay! What is so amazing about geometric patterns is that they often bring a very warm and familiar feeling to the space, while being the perfect pattern to add in to offset today’s very neutral and minimal design trend. Geometric can be so fun, but it also can be very loud if done incorrectly. Ease your way into the process, and check out some tile with the pattern to see if it would enhance your bathroom space, chek out some geometric table linens, tea towels, or maybe check out some geometric wall art to add to a space that can use some volume!


Source: Dwellings By Devore

Yes, I’m saying it loud and proud – CHEETAH PRINT IS BACK! I LOVE cheetah print. It’s just so edgy, but feminine, and works so well as an accent to any space, and even any outfit. But we definitely get how adding some animal print into your decor can be scary and intimidating – but that’s also what we’re here for. Now, I’m not talking about going in with the brown and black print, but you can play around with the colors and have it actually match your home. If you’ve been checking out our Instagram Story, you may have seen the cheetah pillow covers we’ve created here at MegMade- and guys, they were amazing. The easiest way to add this print would be to try it out with some throw pillows, and then ease your way into some upholstery, hints of it in an area rug, or even go in with some textiles and add some cheetah sheets to your bed!


Source: Song Bird Blog

Much like the repetitive aspects of a geometric print, tribal print is so in! Tribal print is kind of its own pattern in and of itself. While geometric is typically one design that’s connected throughout the pattern, tribal has a strict pattern of events per se, that repeats itself through the pattern. With the very natural vibe that has taken over interior design, it’s no surprise that tribal pattern is coming back. 

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