Must-Have Table Linens for Fall, Y’all!

Y’all, we get so caught up in the decor for fall, that we forgot one major transition that can literally make or break our kitchen or dining room – updating those table linens! With all the pumpkins, and scarecrows lining our front porches, and all the fall florals we add in our house, we have to remember that a true way to make a seasonal statement is by making sure our tables match the part! As the nights get chillier, and the days get shorter, we are going to be cooking more and staying in to eat! Sure, we got the comfy pillows and the throws all out and ready to go, and we are fall-ready – but now it’s time to take it to next level fall goodness and turn our tables into the coziest spot in our house. You may wonder how a table can be cozy… well, it’s simple! Adding some awesome linens, with some matching napkins and placemats, can be just the thing! Believe me, nothing is better than gathering at the table with your family for dinner, but it gets that much better when the table is actually dressed and inviting! Today, we’re giving you some must-have linens for fall – that you surely don’t want to miss out on!

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First things first, you must find an amazing tablecloth to complement your fall decor around the house. When choosing a table cloth, think soft! The warmer the color, the softer the pattern and actual table cloth will look! That being said, going in with burlaps and more rough textures, can still bring a soft vibe, while creating that rustic fall feel. Don’t be afraid to go bold either! Although we’re looking for some softness in the color, you definitely can go in with a burgundy, or burnt orange floral tablecloth, as these are warmer tones and will look amazing for the season! The trick of the trade – if you go with a plain tablecloth, go big with pattern for the other table elements. If you go with a patterned tablecloth, go with plainer elements.


After you’ve got your tablecloth in check, or maybe you don’t want a tablecloth but want something to add to the table, go in with a table runner! I LOVE table runners. Something about them y’all, just instantly helps you transform the space. To me, a table runner kind of makes things a bit dressy – it just dresses things up for a bit. Going in with a burlap table cloth, or something with a great pattern definitely is a must for creating the ultimate fall table!


Now I know that some people don’t like the linen napkins, because real talk – they get messy way to quickly, especially when you have kiddos! So whether you’re into napkins, or not, adding them amongst an amazing placemat is a great way to incorporate them, or not! Placemats are one of my favorite elements of a table because they kind of hold your space on the table during the day, and just really invite you in to have a meal with the family!  There are so many cute ones out there, and can really, if not – IS,  the one element that changes things up on your table, and makes it seem complete!


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