My Thoughts on our Upcoming Move

It just became real y’all. We are putting our house on the market this week. I think up until this point I was so busy with others things that I didn’t focus on the fact that I will never live here again. It’s kind of sad! I am not a very nostalgic person. I can very easily get rid of old toys, pictures my kids paint, old serving ware, clothes, concert tickets, etc. I hate clutter. But holy cow… there has been a lot that has happened within the walls of this building.

Quick reflection, for reflection’s sake. We celebrated our first anniversary here, we painted our first dresser here which started Megmade, we had a failed real estate business, we had both Wells and Brooks, we worked until the wee hours of the morning fixing this place up, we have laughed and cried with friends here, we have made amazing friends with so many neighbors and fallen madly in love with our neighborhood and its proximity to all the best this city has to offer. Yes, I know that the next home will have many memories too, but as I look around and take down a lot of the personal stuff that made this house a home, I am getting a little teary eyed.

Here are our favorite room transformations at dear Dover Street.


I will miss Wells stomping up the stairs like a dinosaur every morning to make sure that he wakes me up so he can get in bed and cuddle. I will miss the nook under the stairs where they cook me breakfast in their kids’ kitchen and make me things at their construction station. I will miss walks to Starbucks next to Wrigley in the morning before work and school when the city is quiet. I will miss laying in Wells’ second twin bed and seeing the little paint drip on the wall that was from when we painted dressers out of that room. But I have never been someone to dwell on what I am losing. I have always been someone who looks towards the great that is coming next and that is where I am going to stay. So Dover St, thank you for the amazing memories and new house, wherever you are…we’re coming for you so get ready!

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