Y’all this weekend was so fun. I woke up early on Friday at 3:45 AM and drove on over to Mrytle Beach to see my nephew Jeremiah play for Villanova. Guys, real shout out to my nephew, he is literally amazing. He was chosen for the Preseason Big East Freshman of the year for basketball, and he is seriously the best. Watching him play with the passion he has for the sport, and the drive he has to keep on going is absolutely inspiring. With my sister, brother, and the entire Robinson family, we drove on up to Myrtle Beach and watched him play in the finals. Jay playing a double-double, was incredible to see – and I am so glad I was there to cheer him on, and to spend some quality time with my family. Also, another huge shout out to Joe taking care of the boys this weekend when I was gone – another MVP, in my book.

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