Naomi’s House – In honor of Intl. Women’s Day

In honor of International Women’s Day I would like to honor an incredible friend for her heroic work helping women.

Her name is Simone Halpin. She is beautiful, selfless, funny, humble and kind. She is also passionate, deeply passionate. And what’s cool is she and her husband act on it and help those that need it. A few years ago, she felt the need to help women caught in human trafficking and started an organization called Naomi’s House.

Here are a few stats on human trafficking. It is truly atrocious.

  • Human trafficking is the fastest growing crime industry in the world. There are more people in slavery today than ever before in history.
  • The total number of human trafficking victims in the US reaches into the hundreds of thousands.
  • A report released in the fall of 2017 stated that “on any given day in 2016, an estimated 40.3 million people were victims of modern slavery.” (Alliance87). 40.3 million. That’s more than all the people living in California right now.
  • In Chicago, it is estimated that up to 24,000 women and girls are commercially sexually exploited every year and yet there are around 30 beds amongst the long-term residential programs for adult women, with even fewer for minors. Every bed that we have matters.
  • The average age a girl is forced into trafficking is 13.
  • The majority of trafficking victims each year are female and most are being trafficked for sex.
  • Trafficking is not a standalone issue. 70-90% of those who were trafficked had experienced previous abuse.
  • Rehabilitation for a woman who has suffered from sex trafficking is complex. It is a slow process, requires a community-wide effort, and takes an immense about of courage from the survivor to heal from her past and pursue her future.

I can’t wrap my head around human trafficking, but I am also not ignorant to evil and that people do commit such horrible acts. That is why I love partnering with people who are doing the real work. The hard work.

Naomi’s House exists because everyone who has suffered from commercial sexual exploitation deserves a new start. NH program provides hope and healing for women who have suffered from commercial sexual exploitation. Their residential program is designed to meet their needs with a comprehensive approach including practical, emotional, and spiritual resources. They believe each woman is the best advocate for her own care. A core team of professional staff, trauma-informed therapists, and volunteers provide her tools for life transformation. Above all, their home environment is rooted in the life-changing grace of Jesus.

Their program provides food and shelter for up to a year, support and empowerment, case management, trauma-informed care and comprehensive services that include job training, job placement, life skills, 1:1 therapy, group therapy.

When Simone came to me and asked if we could help furnish the house, I said yes, of course, anything you need. Although I don’t have the time right now to be there and help, I love that my dressers are holding the clothes of these beautiful women who deserve another chance at an abundant life.

Here are the rooms that we helped create.

I am a big fan of the work that they are doing and I know they can always use as much help as they can get, so if you are interested in donating or want more info, here is their website.

So lastly, we do not toot our horn on our charitable portion of our company very often, but know that when you buy from MegMade more than 10% of our profits are being donated and that is on top of more than 100 pieces of furniture that is also going to worthy causes. Whether we are furnishing first time residences of refugees coming to the states or for women coming out of the trade, it is the most important thing that we do. It brings us life!

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