It’s 2020 y’all – and you know what that means, we are entering into a year of new trends, new designs, and new motivations. Although this year’s trends have been surely popping up for the last few months, we’re going to give you the deal on what’s to expect in the next few months to come. We’re going BOLD this year y’all because this is the year of LUXURY, the year of COLOR, the year of CONTRAST, LONG TERM and the year of COUNTRYSIDE – well, I’ll explain in a bit.


Besides the bold, you are going to see the finer things in life in full swing this year! We’re not talking about diamonds and gold – we’re talking about natural luxury, meaning just going a little more with those extra soft materials, linen finishes like marble, or simply just longer-lasting furniture AND it’s designing for the long term! For the last few years, things kind of been trendy, and sometimes with trendy comes temporary, with buying more items of high quality and function, the design will stay around much longer, and these singular-design schemes are going to be a thing of the past!


So we’re always here for some boldness in our decor, but this year, bold is the only way to do it. Our everyday neutrals are going to turn into color, and everything is going to pop. The 2020 vision is to go bold or go home, because it’s a new decade and believe it or not – that neutral trend may start to become a thing of the past. Listen, we love a neutral like anyone else, but this year the bolder the color – the better! Try going in with pops of colors, especially in jewel tones, or even take it the opposite and go in with deep blacks!


So the farmhouse style that has been so very popular is kind of growing but in a different way. Countryside is the new trend of 2020, and it’s taking farmhouse to a whole new level. Rather than the very causal look that farmhouse brings, countryside is a new trend that is farmhouse mixed with sophistication mixed with European style design. Besides that, it’s all about mixing antique with new, and patterns, creating this amazing new trend.


You’re going to see a ton of contrast this year – especially when it comes to kitchens! Kitchen cabinets are going to be different colors, the higher being dark, the lower being light, or vice versa. But that’s not all- you’re going to see the contrast when it comes to materials too! Expect to see some wooden cabinets, off-setting some colored cabinets as well. Contrast will also continue into living room spaces, and dining rooms, all where the furniture is going to be darker, and the rest of the elements will offset it! 


I feel like we can easily say that patterns have always been a thing, but it’s different this year. Patterns are in, but the difference is that they don’t actually HAVE to match other patterns in the space. This year, we’re turning towards the things we like, and not so much about the aspects that only complement the space. Of course, some complementing is nice, but we’re embracing our own personalities, and creating our spaces for years to come.


And speaking of patterns, unique patterned rugs are going to be a new trend this year! But that’s not it, unique shaped and materials,   This year, we’re taking our eyes off the popular accent wall, and moving on down to the floor, as the rugs are becoming the main accent! And when it comes to color, greens and burnt salmon tones are going to be so in!


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