Nothing is better then creating a space for your little one. And nothing is better than bringing your new baby home for the first time and having the perfect nursery set up for them. It’s the space where they will be safe, it’s the space they will be comfortable and the space that you will create the best memories. It’s those nights where you are waiting until your baby arrives, where you stare in awe at their little nursery that you’ve created, where the feelings of excitement and nerves simultaneously kick in, but with all the nerves you continuously countdown the days until you can finally bring them home. MegMade was created because Joe and I were two parents who wanted to make their babies changing table something special, and because we couldn’t find it at the price we were comfortable with, we made it happen on our own. The feelings of unconditional love, and the feelings of parenthood after creating that piece drove us to create the perfect nursery for our baby. And our kiddos and the feelings that we felt creating that piece, is what drove us to create more, and more, to make our business grow. We want you guys to feel that same peace that we felt when we decorated our babies space, and with that, I want to share some trends that will help make your baby feel right at home.

*Featured Image by Elizabeth Stamos


Source: Design Loves Detail

Guys, this is one of my favorite trends this year! We started to see this last year, but it’s definitely in full swing now! Board and Batten is a technique of adding molding to your wall to create a box look! It’s super classic, super easy, and can be customized with paint and color to match any style. It provides a very clean and crisp look while creating an accent or different element in a room without overdoing it. You can paint over it any color you like, or even paint different blocks to really give it a customized look!


Source: Ministy Lemag

An accent mural wall is definitely a trend you need to try! Going with a botanical theme or extra-large floral and leafy elements are soo in right now and look so amazing on a nursery wall! Not only is it inviting, but it gives a very comfortable, airy and natural vibe to the room, that will help act as a very calming spot your little one! You can go ahead and create this look with wallpaper, decals or even have it hand-painted. And don’t be afraid to add some wall art over it to create a more customized, and personalized space for your baby.


Source: Project Nursery

I have to say, I have been feeling extra moody when it comes to decor lately. The deeper and dustier the color, the better! The deep and rich colors like mauve, plum, burgundy, and lighter and dustier colors like sage, dusty purple and blue, and gray are all sooo beautiful, and look so amazing when offset with lighter and brighter colors! Whether you’re adding some deep colored furniture to the room, or adding deeper colors within the blankets, and accents. Or if you’re adding some floral wallpaper with some sage elements, creating a moody room is definitely a trend that we are going to see a lot of in the year to come!


Source: Emerson Grey Designs

Vintage style is basically always in, but playing around with the colors and furniture of the mid-century, or while adding decor elements that present themselves as vintage, has definitely taken flight in regards to trends! Vintage is awesome. I mean look at all our furniture pieces! Vintage tells a story and creates a more purposeful and personalized space. Having two toned cribs, or adding a mid-century accent chair, or going in with vintage patterns on the wall or on the textiles, are all ways to bring the vintage style to life!


Source: Vintage Revivals

The whimsical style is definitely in guys! When I think whimsical I think of fairy-like decor, that is airy and fresh, but on the other end, you can also think forest like that is more natural and grounded in terms of decor. Whatever style you choose for, creating a whimsical space will definitely promote playtime and magic for your kiddos. The whimsical vibe reminds you to have fun, be creative, be imaginative, and not take life too seriously – a great message for the kiddos if you ask me. Adding a darker toned canopy, curved furniture, and oversized patterns on the wall can definitely create that vibe.


Source: Praise Wedding

Earthy is another amazing trend decor style that is in. I think it’s all about finding the natural aspects of life, to have a very grounded lifestyle. It’s about embracing the outside and bringing it in while offsetting that with very rustic, and raw elements like steel and wood. Earthy will always give you a sense of peace, completeness, and relaxation, and because of that, it’s perfect to add elements of that to a nursery!

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