Oakdale Living Room Before + After

Having a store with a certain aesthetic caused people to continually ask if we offered design services. We would always help people in store design a room through pictures and emails, so after a while I decided I would give it a go. After all, I had just finished designing my parents house and had done two houses of our own. I am so glad that I took that leap two years ago as I have so enjoyed working with other clients since!

One of my favorite parts of working with people on their home is that you really get to know them. You know their likes, dislikes, about their family, their joys and their struggles. I loved getting to know Phil and Linda. They call Wisconsin home, but after Linda was diagnosed with cancer and needing to spend a lot of time at Northwestern, they decided to spruce up an apartment they owned in Chicago. Not to mention that their kids live here and one with two adorable grandsons.

I loved working with this amazing couple to create a room that is peaceful and comfortable not only for them, but their grandsons that stop by regularly! And yay, she is in remission!

This was the before of the living room. By the way, we nearly had to throw the couch out the window. Instead we sawed the legs off and it fit down the back stairs. Oh the fun of skinny stairs in vintage buildings.

The oak trim was overwhelming in this space, especially against the color of the floor and the yellowing walls. I suggested to them that we keep the feel traditional, but with a modern twist. Here is the board that was suggested.

chandelier | sofa | white books | painting | acrylic table | sisal pouf | console | fiddle leaf tree | chair | lamp | gold hand | basket | people on books | rug | paint color 

Once approved, we got busy decorating and without further adieu, here is the after.

I love a good before and after! Let us know if we can help you transform any rooms in your home too!

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