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It seems like it’s the perfect time of year to start organizing the house, and organizing all your important stuff, so you feel like you can be as productive as possible! It’s kind of like the pre-spring cleaning if you will, and because of this – we got to step up our games and go full-on into cleaning mode! Today, we’re going to talk about one of the rooms in the house that NEEDS to a quick makeover, in order to help you be productive – YOUR OFFICE! Sometimes, our offices become that room of storage, or the room that if you’re having company over, let’s put everything in the office until they leave, room. Or is that just me? Anyhow, your office is supposed to be a place where you can declutter your mind and get on working! So today we’re going to give you some quick office makeover tips, that will help you get in order and ready to work!


Every office needs a desk because well – that’s where you’re going to work! But, not EVERY office needs only a file cabinet to keep stuff in check! If you’re short on storage, try adding in a cube unit, or a bookcase, that can double as some decor, but also be useful in organizing your stuff – furniture with function y’all! Setting this up, with a nice little vignette on top with some office supply – will be the perfect addition to the space!


They say that orange is the best color to add to an office because it helps you stay awake and focused! Although it could be helpful, when choosing an office color, choose what makes you feel the best! Whether it’s just neutrals because they’re grounding and relaxing, or whether you like pops of color because it helps you stay energized – whatever it is, if you enjoy it, you will spend time there! And that’s sometimes all it takes to keep on working!


Sometimes our space is limited when it comes to having an office, because of this, we have to take advantage of all the available space we have – including the walls! If your desk is up against the wall, going up vertically, add some shelving to store some supplies, or for that added decor! If you’re not into shelving, going in and adding some useful cork boards, or wall art that you can pin stuff too – would be perfect to help store those important papers, and plus it will keep things organized while reducing paper clutter in your drawers!


One of the most important aspects when it comes to an office is the lighting! When you’re working, the worst thing that could happen is that the lighting is bad, which can lead to your eyes hurting, and give you a headache! Try having a few alternative forms of lighting in the room, rather than just the main overhead lights! Sometimes, we can’t always plan when we’re going to have enough time to sit and work, and depending on the time of day, the lightning will have to be different. If you have bright white lights in the overheads, then put some soft lights in a lamp, string light, or any type of alternative lighting. Do vice versa if you have soft lights overhead. Giving yourself a few different lighting sources will definitely help when you need to get your work done!


Whether it’s your desk chair or an accent chair, you NEED to have something comfy available to work with! Here’s the thing, if you actually enjoy the space you need to work in – you will actually work in it! Splurging a bit on that chair that has extra back support – or that extra cozy material, is definitely worth it, because you will feel good while working, which will help you be productive!


Nothing is worse than having cold feet – literally, and in the terms of not wanting to work, so there’s no better way to warm those puppies up than by adding a rug! Adding a rug underneath your feet, especially something with some different textures than the rest of the space, will help relax your feet, and let you sit in your chair longer, and easier! Plus, having a texture that you can feel helps ease anxiety and anxiousness  – so it’s perfect if you are feeling stressed!

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