Our Dining Room Transformation(s)

We moved into our current home in spring of 2012 and this is what the dining room looked like. The space already had some great things going for it. Even though there is only one window in the room, the natural light that comes through is pretty significant. The molding was already updated and painted white, just leaving the window frame and archway to paint. The wood floors were in great condition and were stained a really beautiful dark walnut color. The color of the walls wasn’t horrible, but I really wanted to brighten up the space.
Tips for Searching CraigslistThis is the first iteration of our dining room. We painted the walls Benjamin Moore Owl Gray which was just a step darker than the white we chose for our trim. The table and chairs were great finds from MegMade. The table is Mastercraft and the chairs were originally from Neiman Marcus. The hutch was from Crate and Barrel and the light fixture was an awesome find at an auction.

My dad travels a lot for work and the rug is actually something he brought back from Iran. It is so beautiful! It fits this space perfectly. For this arrangement, it made the most sense to lay the rug running front to back, but in the next iteration, you’ll see we rotated it to run side to side. This choice is typically just determined by the shape of the room and what’s sitting on top of the rug. This room is pretty square, so it mattered more the positioning and size of the table. We had this buffet in the room for a while. It was a Henredon refinished by MegMade, also known as the heaviest piece to ever visit MegMade. We actually couldn’t lift it. We had to wrap it in blankets and slide it up the stairs!

I have a problem where once I finish a room, I like it for about 3 months, and then I get restless and want to change it again. I usually will wait a while before making big changes, but I will slowly start switching things out. The nice thing about owning a furniture store is when I want to change things up, I can bring the piece back to MegMade to sell and swap it out for something new! So in this version, the dining set, buffet, and mirror are all from MegMade. We lost the Henredon piece which opened the space a bit. I painted the walls Farrow and Ball’s Studio Green and added some wallpaper eventually too.

This wallpaper is from Rifle Paper Co. and gives the room some more spunk! Later I found a crystal pineapple lamp to go on this buffet. It’s always fun to unexpectedly find something so perfect for your space! It’s hard to not bring something home for ourselves every time we go to auctions for MegMade. There’s great stuff out there if you are patient in the hunt!

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