Our Finn is six months old

It is known that third children are oftentimes the easiest going. That is absolutely the case with our sweet Finley bear. He has been a joy since the moment he entered this world. He giggles and smiles all day long and he can’t get enough of his brothers playing with him. He is off the charts large and his smooshy everything just makes me want to eat him. It feels as if he has been a part of our family forever – how has it only been six months!?!

Here are some photos from a recent photoshoot with one of my best friends Jenny, of Jenny Grimm photography. My boys were out of control crazy that day, but she somehow captured us perfectly. That is why she is the professional and I am not!

We love you sweet Finn, you fit so perfectly into our amazing chaos!

He has such a sweet bond with his brothers already. We are so grateful that they are not jealous of him at all and instead have welcomed him with so much love.

What you don’t see here is 10 seconds before this I had just yelled at them to stop being so out of control. Wells was feeling bad for how he had acted and well, then there’s Brooks, who just keeps being his crazy self. Somehow it just works.

These two have such a special bond. He feels such a sense of protector over his littlest brother. He cried to me the other night about how he just wants to make sure his brothers are always ok. I love the heart of this sweet boy for his little baby brother. May these boys be best friends forever. I love being their mom. Happy 6th month birthday sweet Finn, we think you are awesome!

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