Our Living Room Tour

Like all the rooms in our house, our living room has had many different iterations. It hasn’t changed as dramatically as some other spaces, but I’m definitely liking it’s current stage more than the previous ones! From that picture when we first moved in, I’d say it’s come a LONG way.

We recently did a lot of work on our fireplace. We added the chevron tile and painted it Farrow and Ball Down Pipe. That has made the biggest difference in the room! It’s such a focal point now. This is the first room you see when you enter our apartment and the fireplace is literally right in your line of sight…so it needs to be killer. I’m glad we invested some time and money in it to make it a little more special.

The one thing that has stayed consistent for the years we’ve lived here is this couch and these chairs. Go with neutrals friends! You can play around them for years to come without having to spend the big bucks to replace the larger pieces. I’ve been able to redesign the space and give it a whole new feel without having to purchase new seating- which helps save money when you have the bad habit of needing to redecorate every few months like I do! This electric fire place was here when we moved in, but it had a pretty ugly mantel and it didn’t extend up the wall at all. We replaced it with this one, which has a greater presence than the old one. I used to have a lot of decorative items on our mantel, but this year, I’m going for a cleaner and more simplified style! All the knick knacks can start to just create clutter. 

I’m pretty sure in every home tour we’ve done, when this room has been photographed, we’ve had one of Jack Jack sitting in this exact spot. He likes to sit on top of these cushions (thankfully they’re firm enough to take it) and look out the window. I love that we’ve captured him in his spot once again  

This coffee table is a vintage piece, restored by us at MegMade. It’s always nice to add an older piece to every room to make it feel unique. And guys, how cool is that cheetah planter?! I’m obsessed with it. That’s a find by Crystal Blackshaw. Now if only I could keep these plants alive for more than a few weeks!

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