Painted Bamboo Furniture

Bamboo furniture is so fun to paint because it makes such an amazing transformation. It takes a style that is very dated, into something so unique and full of personality. While many finishes look great on bamboo, I love doing these pieces in gloss because it makes all of the curves really pop.

This one is available at our shop right now. It is painted in Benjamin Moore Galapagos in a high gloss finish and we polished the hardware to bring it back to brass. A lot of people wonder what a piece that has caning on it will look like painted. This is a great example of how it looks! It just adds a lot of texture and detail when it’s painted. I really like the look of it.

Image: Little Green Notebook 

This is a favorite from Little Green Notebook. Black in high gloss is always a good idea, but especially on bamboo! See what I mean about the highlight on the curves of the bamboo?

Image: Claire Brody Designs

This one is not painted in a high gloss, I would guess it is more of a satin finish. Still very fun! I love the bright, bold color choice.

Image: Home Talk 

This is a lovely blush pink color. This wardrobe was another version of the first dresser in this post that we have and painted in Galapagos. See how the caning is incorporated here? Another great color choice for a bamboo piece! I love seeing all the ways this style can be refinished. There are a myriad of ways to update this type of furniture!


(Cover image from Kelly in the City)

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