Painting a Union Jack/British Flag on a dresser tutorial

British flags are on so many things right now! All over Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn and others, but at a crazy cost…so make your own! After doing several of these, we have it down to a science….well almost.

1. Find a dresser that is rectangular in shape so that it will fit the flag easily. This is the picture when we found it. Beautiful lamps, eh? jk!

2. We always put on floor protector pads before we do a piece. It obviously protects the floor, but it also raises the piece off the floor so that you can paint the legs all the way down with ease.

3. We use a quilt on the floor, you can use paper or an old blanket, whatever works for you, but drips are a guarantee.

4. Paint the entire dresser blue (in this case – we have also done dressers in different colors as you can see below.)

5. Take out the blue tape or you can use frog tape. You first want to put the horizontal and vertical line on. We eye it, but you want it to be decently wide because you have two white lines and one red within that space. We would give you a measurement but it is different for each dresser because each is a slightly different size, obviously!

6. Then you do both diagonals. Make sure you study the British Flag because despite what I thought the diagonal lines do not go right through the middle. Use below as a guide. Remember too, it does not need to be perfect, nobody will notice except for you!

7. So to this point you have taped off the horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines. Now you need to get out an exacto knife or a blade so that you can cut the tape. See below for where to cut.

8. Paint inside the lines white and let it completely dry. We do two coats.

9. Now remove the tape and don’t worry if it bled a little bit, you can always go and fix it after you do the next step.

10. Tape off on top of the white lines where you want to paint the red (or whatever color you choose). Once again, study the flag picture a voce for how to place the red stripes. Below is the picture on how we do it.

Going to show you on another dresser shape and color so you can see it too!

11. Then let it dry after a second coat. 

12. Remove the tape and fix any mistakes with a smaller brush.

13. After it has dried, wax the whole piece with clear wax. Let it sit for 15 minutes and then either wipe off with a rag or steel wool it off. We go for the steel wool look. We went for a non-rustic look for this one and just clear waxed it and wiped it off.

14. Then if you want it to look rustic, add dark wax. We use Howard’s Dark Wax. You rub if all over, more where you want it to be stronger. Then you also must go back over it with a cloth or brush or steel wool or it will take forever to dry.

15. Stand back and admire

Here are some others we have finished. The options are endless! 

Please let me know if you have ANY questions. Would love to help in any way

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