Pick the Finish: Frenchy 3-Drawer Dresser

This week on Pick the Finish, we decided to offer three colors in our Grand Piano, “wet” finish. The dresser we chose to do was one of our very first MegMade produced pieces! It has beautiful curves so we thought it would be amazing in a wet finish. We took to Pinterest for some inspiration.

We took these similar dressers to show as the three options. The first option was black wet, second was red wet, and third was navy wet. Black won by a large majority! We were happy because that’s what we wanted to do too  

Here you can see the piece getting prepped. Since this furniture is new, it doesn’t take a lot of prep. Just a light scuffing to ready it for paint! Look at how thick that would is! This piece is small but is so heavy. We want the pieces we manufacture to have the same integrity as the vintage pieces, so we are working to find the right materials and features to make them extremely sturdy and durable.

I’m in LOVE with this piece. We sprayed the hardware gold to give it more contrast to the black. The high gloss finish really brings out the curves of the piece. I could see this going in an entryway, in a hallway, being used as a changing table…it’s super versatile!

I’m thrilled with the end result! We barely even buffed it. It was already so shiny! Come by MegMade to see it in person, or purchase it online on Etsy or or over the phone.



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