Okay, maybe I’m on a bit of an apple kick – but could you blame me? It is like prime apple season y’all, and although this weather may be all over the place, one thing for sure is – I’m craving some coziness! I am so ready for the nights in, with some blankets and watching movies, and to speed things up, I’m making some slow-baked apples that are literally incredible. I cannot stress how amazing these are enough, because one, there’s barely any added sugar, and two, they make you feel all holidayish and warm inside, three, the kiddos won’t know they’re healthy, and four – well they are just literally amazing!


Bag/Buschel of Apples  (or as many as you desire); Ground Cinnamon ; Ground Nutmeg; Mulling spices; Cool Whipped


Okay, so this is super easy y’all, and honestly, the measurements are kind of completely up to you and how much you like of each.

First – slice the apples. I use an apple slicer like this one. Make sure to get the core and seeds out, and get some good slices ready to go! Repeat for all apples. You can peel the peels if you desire, however, for tonight, I left the peels on.

Second – Fill a pot with 1/2 water, and add the slices in! You do not have to wait for a boil, I let them warm up slowly with the boil.

Third – Add your spices! Rule of thumb: Add enough cinnamon to coat the entire top layer of apples, then add some more! Throw in some nutmeg, and some mulling spices – and then give the apples a good mix, making sure that all the apples have a nice coating of spices.

Four – Let sit! Simmer, Simmer, Simmer! It takes about 20 minutes for apples to get soft!

Five – When apples are soft and have a nice golden/light brown color, they are ready to enjoy! Of course, it all depends on your desired softness and texture!

Six – THE BEST PART – ENJOY! Take a few scoops of apple ( and don’t forget to pour some of that amazing juice over your scoops) and top it off with some frozen whipped topping! Y’all – this is oh so good, and honestly, a healthy option to enjoy an apple pie type dessert!


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