Halloween is quickly approaching, and I’m sure your outdoors are already ghostacular, and witchtacular, and now, it’s time to make the indoors just as spooktacular! Mwahaha. We’re talking Halloween pillows, Halloween decals, Halloween lights, every Halloween movie….  Wait, let me just take a second y’all and point something out – it’s already almost the second week of October. WHAT? Time is going so fast, and it’s literally almost Halloween! Okay, creeping it real – where did the time go? Anyway, apart from my mid-October realization or crisis for that matter, we really need to kick up the pace, and deck out our space – for Halloween that is! Today, we’re giving you the BEST ways to spook up your decor, without going full-on haunted house. But hey, if you’re into that, dive right in. We’re talking little bits of touches here and there, to bring out some scare – and no matter how scary that pile of laundry that’s been piling up is, momma, that is not a decoration!


If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to add some Halloween spirit to your decor, go straight for the wall decals! Y’all these are so in this year. There’s nothing like waking up to a nice wall of bats right? Ok, maybe I’m being cynical, but seriously the kiddos love these, they give a pretty neat touch to the space, and it is such an easy clean up for when Halloween is over! Also, they’re a good decoration that doesn’t take up space! They won’t make the room feel too tight, and they’re really just something simple to add to the holiday!

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If we’re going to decorate, we definitely need to throw some comfy, yet functional decorations in where we can! Halloween pillows are a must if you want to go simple with the decor. Going in with black and orange colors, or adding some pillows with Halloween graphics, is the way to go! These 4 packs of super cute Halloween pillows are the perfect addition to your couch – and the perfect pillows to relax with while watching your favorite Halloween movie!

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Push your plain pumpkins aside – and embrace the Jack O Lanterns! These cute little Jack O Lanterns are perfect to place on top of a mantle, tabletop or any surface really! And extra points, it lights up, making the perfect piece to bring some dim lighting to the space when it gets dark out! 

Shop for the 1st one here.

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Sometimes all it takes is a holiday sign, to leave an impression! This year, you’re going to see a ton of wooden block signs that have Halloweenesque sayings on them, that give a very rustic, simple and yet, purposeful vibe to the space! You can pick up this super cute set of signs from Amazon! 

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Tibia honest, skeleton decor is to die for! See what I did there?  When you think Halloween everyBODY’s mind instantly goes to Skeletons. It’s quite humerous, if you ask me. Ok, I promise I’m done. Check out these super cute skeleton statues! They are the perfect indoor decor item to add to the space. They’re not too big, and they sit right on the shelf or mantle – to add the perfect amount of spook to your decor!

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I love adding some Halloween lanterns to the decor, because just like the Jack O Lanterns, they bring some lighting to the space, are functional and make for a neat decor item! These light up black lanterns literally bring instant Halloween vibes. With the graphics,  from afar, these lanterns may look like a part of the regular decor, but close up, they show that you are not messing around when it comes to decorating indoors!

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One of my simplest go-to ideas for holiday decor is to add some themed tea towels in your kitchen! They just add the smallest amount of detail, but they really can make the space seem complete. Check out this 4 pack of super cute Halloween themed towels!

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