Guys, if you’re anything like me, you may have a black thumb when it comes to planting. Don’t get me wrong, I love to plant and create my garden and especially love to plant with the kiddos, but guys, gardening is not my forte! Rather than just wishfully thinking that one day my thumb will turn green, I’m going to go out and do something – and that something is buying some faux plants! Faux plants are so in right now, and they bring a very natural, relaxed vibe to your home. They are a great decor element and can really make the space come together and feel complete. Plus, no watering, no maintenance, easily replaceable, AND they usually come with a really cute vase. Whether you’re going with a tall fiddle leaf plant, a hanging plant, a colored table top plant, or even a small succulent, adding some faux plants are an amazing addition to the space.


Source: Setting For Four

Taller faux plants are some of the most pleasing plants to look at! Not only do they stand tall, but they’re an awesome addition to create some balance into the space. Tall plants are a great option to add into a corner, next to an accent chair, next to a mantle or side table, or anywhere that’s craving some balance or doesn’t necessarily need a piece of furniture but is missing some decor! Plus, they can go in any room, and especially look great in your entryway! Listed below are some of my favorite tall standing plants, that will help make your space look amazing!


Source: Urban Outfitters

If taller plants are too big for your space, going a little smaller might be the perfect fit. Petite plants are great because they can act as a centerpiece on your table, they can be added to a shelving unit like a hutch or a bookcase, they can sit on top of a side table, dresser, coffee table, or desk, and honestly, the options are endless. Petite plants usually come in a wide selection of vases, and there are so many different plants to choose from!


Source: Wayfair

If you know us at Meg Made then you know we’re all about color. So of course, we need to give you some amazing colored options for faux plants! Colored faux plants are an easy way to add some color, without overdoing it. They’re also a great option if you’re unsure about how to add color. Whether you go with a plant like lavander that is a natural purple, or if you want to go with a red faux plant where the leaves are colored, every option is beautiful. Adding a colored plant is the best way to create an accent color or even throw in another color into your decor, well, just because you like it. Also bonus points, colored plants can be changed out to match each season!


Source: Lingered Upon

You may be wondering, what’s the deal with succulents lately? It seems like everyone is going crazy for them! Well, it’s true, and there’s a good reason why. Real succulent plants are super easy to take care of because they require less water, and because their leaves are so thick and waxy bugs and little critters can’t eat at them and destroy them. Succulents also come in so many different shapes and sizes, that they make it an amazing alternative for adding some plants into your home. But don’t worry, there are plenty of faux ones to go around! Succulents can go in the tiniest places, like on a kitchen window sill or they look awesome on some chunky wooden shelving! Succulents make an awesome decor element where nothing else would simply fit, and that’s why I’m sharing some type five succulents with you.


So if you want to add some leafy goodness into your life, you can’t go wrong with some faux plants! They’re easy to maintain (because they literally require nothing other than a good dusting once and a while) and they are absolutely beautiful!


*featured image by West Elm 

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