Same Buffet, Two Finishes

We’ve had this piece exact piece in twice now and it’s a beauty! It has two marble inlays on the top, which makes it great in a dining room for serving purposes. It’s a Thomasville piece, which means it is really well made!

The first time we had this piece in, we painted it in a light gray Amy Howard chalk paint. It can be hard to choose a paint color when there is a marble top- you have to make sure the color compliments the color of the marble well. We have found that while there are a variety of good paint options, grays are a favorite pairing for us with marble. This light gray has some warmth to it, so it went well with the cream colored marble inlays. On this piece, we cleaned the hardware, but preserved the tarnished look rather than polishing it up to bright brass. It went along nicely with the look of the chalk paint, which gives off a slightly distressed look. You always want the hardware to have a similar finish and feel as the piece- keep them in the same world!
We have since changed our products and now offer some different color choices. While we could’ve finished this buffet in a similar gray, we decided to go a little darker this time. We painted this one in Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal satin. Going a little darker makes the marble pop a little more and I love it in a satin finish, giving it a little bit of shine.

So what do you think? Light or dark? Sometimes I agonize over a color choice, but this goes to show there isn’t one right answer. While the marble top gives us some constraints, I could see this piece going Polo Blue, white, black, off-black, etc etc. 

Same piece, two different finishes. And they both look great in my opinion! This one is currently available in our inventory for purchase

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