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Earlier last month I  did a Facebook live that streamed from our old house on Dover, walking everyone through what was for sale. This created a lot of interest in the design of our Master bedroom! We sold the majority of the room, but we still have the headboard and the bench at the end of the bed left! It was taken out for this shoot, but believe it is awesome. Our kiddos used it to climb up on our princess in the pea bed. Sorry Joe, high bed, pink headboard…you’re a trooper! Click here to see it!

duvet cover  |  pink velvet headboard  |  linen sham  |  silk pillow (similar)  |  chevron pillow (similar) |  mongolian pillow  |  throw  |  round mirror |  velvet curtains  |  side table  |  bed skirt  |  wallpaper

Below are other pieces from a different shoot where we switched out some decor! They all go with the look too! Enjoy!

1.Vase 2. JuJu Hat 3. WallPaper  4. Mirror  5. Throw 6. Bench 7. Frame 8. Pillow 9. Ostrich Picture 10. Antique Chandelier

11. Lamp 12. Headboard 13. Pillow

Our new master bedroom is taking on a completely different vibe. We are partnering with Yellow Brick Home and Lowes on it. Think hunter green, walnut and shades of white. Coming soon-ish. I wish it could come together sooner but sadly I am growing in patience as things take time to order. So until then, let’s focus on how awesome our old master was?!?


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