Small Business Saturday – why it’s important

The United States commerce started because of a few people coming over to America and setting up little stores. America has grown into a world economic powerhouse off of the backs of entrepreneurs who gave everything they had to see their business be successful. Times have changed over the last few decades as people can shop online, store rents have hiked and big box stores have taken over. It has become harder for the little guy to find its place in the world of Amazon and other companies with many zeros behind their numbers in the bank account.

Everybody complains about how the main streets in every city have been taken over by national brands, yet nobody changes their habits to diversify where they spend their money. That is why Small Business Saturday is so important. It is the one day a year where us little guys have a bigger voice. It is the day that says, hey you are valuable and we want you to stick around.

I will tell you that running a small business is hard. One bad month or a horribly mean customer and you are questioning everything you’ve worked for. You take a risk and you hope and pray that it will work out because if it doesn’t, well you just don’t let your mind go there.

So please, as a small business owner, go get your crazy deals from the big box stores on Black Friday and then on Saturday, go check out your local stores. It will mean the world to that small business owner, I promise.

And just remember when you buy from a small business owner, an actual person does a happy dance. I can attest, it’s true!

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