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There’s know better feeling than to enter your home and feel, wow, this is my house. When your home reflects who you are, and tells your story, the level of comfort and peace that comes with that, can’t be matched. But believe it or not, there’s a way to turn things up a notch to make you feel even more amazing from the second you open your front door. What’s that you may wonder? Well, it’s by making a statement entryway! A statement entryway can make your already awesome home, even more awesome! There are some great ways to make your entryway stand out no matter the size, allowing it to welcome you, your family and your guests! And we’re going to tell you how to make it happen!


Although the floor is below us, it’s the first thing that our bodies make contact with when entering the house! And trust me, a statement floor can make all the difference. If you really want your entryway to scream wow, adding a patterned tile flooring can give dimension and depth to the entryway, especially for those on the smaller size. When there’s not much room for furniture pieces and rugs, simply adding some patterned tile can be just enough to make a statement. And don’t forget to play with color! If your walls are more on the neutral side, going in with a tile that has some brighter tones, or perhaps a tile that just enhances the natural tones, would be a great finish for the space.


Source: Jillian Harris


An accent rug is an awesome piece to add to your entryway. Rugs bring a subtle and effortless feeling of comfort to a space, and there’s no better way to create that comfort vibe than from the moment you step in the home! Just remember, being that it is a high traffic area, going with a synthetic and low-pile rug, is the best way to go. Plus, a rug is an easy fix if you want to change the statement once and awhile. Whether its seasonal, or just for fun, a rug can be temporary… and I promise, there’s a rug to match whatever style you’re going for.

Source: South Shore Decorating Blog


A simple way to make your entryway stand out is by adding a little wallpaper to the wall. Whether it’s patterned or textured, adding this different finish as an accent point will make the entryway look just… so good. Adding a wallpaper can also make the home seem more inviting, depending on what style you go with. There are so many options to choose from when it comes to wallpaper! If you ask me, go a little daring and do something that doesn’t typically match the rest of your house – it will create an amazing accent!  Another great option is to add some shiplap to the walls. Doing a half style wall with shiplap, and adding some hardware that you can hang coats off of, is not only beautiful, but a functional element that you can add to the space – it also helps with organization!

Source: Coco Kelley


Not only will this be another functional element, but mirrors can really add some dimension and depth to the space! If placed just right, the mirror can enhance the lighting in the room, and give your entryway an overall bright and inviting aesthetic. It’s also a well-versed decor element because if you’re going for an antique look, you definitely can find a vintage mirror that will look amazing! If you want to stick to a more modern vibe, there are mirrors for that too. Mirrors are great because they truly can be a piece of art in and of itself, and is a simple way to add some decor – without overdoing it. And plus, a mirror is so functional, I mean, who doesn’t like to give themselves a quick look before leaving?

Source: Decoist


Well, you may have a different name for it, but if you have space in your entryway, adding a small table (or home base) is an awesome idea and a great way to make a statement! And guys, this is where you get to play with color! If you want to truly make a statement, going with an accent color would be an awesome way to offset your other decor! Plus, you can create a cute little tablescape that you can change from season to season. Adding some wooden candle holders, or a faux plant would be a great way to customize the space, and create whichever aesthetic you are going for! Another great idea would be to add a storage bench to the entryway wall! Not only can you have fun with the piece itself, but it helps with some more options for organization!

Source: Laurel Bern Interiors


An entryway is all about setting the overall tone for your home! So, incorporating one or two, or even three more of these things into the space may be just the thing that completes the look of your home. Play around, and have fun with different ideas for your entryway – remember, it is the first thing you, your family and your guests will see when entering your home – so make it reflect you!

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