Statement or Subtlety: How to Choose the Perfect Rug

We have four area rugs in our home and each serve a very different purpose. Rugs can be the glue that brings an eclectic room together, they can be the focal pop of color in a space, or they can be a neutral foundation that adds texture and warmth to a room.

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In our living room, for instance, this rug serves at the pop of color in fairly neutral room. We found this oriental rug at an auction for $450 and it’s an original Turkish rug! I love that it basically covers the entire room. This is the first room you see when you come into our home, so I want it to feel welcoming and warm. A big rug is the perfect way to bring cohesion and comfort to a space.

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(Photo Cred: M Lindsay Photography)

Our dining room is a bit bolder to begin with, so even though this rug is just as bright as the one in our living room, it doesn’t have the same effect. In this room, the mixing of patterns creates an eclectic look. This room is proof that oriental rugs are essentially neutral! They can go in almost any room. This rug actually breaks the trends rather than tying them together in order to create that eclecticism we were going for.


(Photo Cred: Carolina Rodriguez, Wallpaper by Relativity Textiles)

I love the rug in our bedroom. Your eye isn’t drawn to it immediately, but it provides added texture to the space and helps tie in the different colors at play. A lot of bedrooms are carpeted, and I know that’s normal, but I just don’t love the look of carpet. A big area rug can help for people like me who wish they had hardwood floor everywhere!


Here’s an example from Julie Newell’s home (photographer by Jazi Photos and designed by Crystal Blackshaw) of a solid, neutral rug. In this basement living area, the rug helps to add comfort and provide a solid base for the other decor. It is not the focal point, but it certainly helps give this area shape.

If you’re on the hunt for reasonably priced rugs, I’d suggest looking on Ebay, going to auctions, or browsing through World Market’s collection. If you go with a previously owned rug, I’d get it professionally cleaned before putting it in your home. It’s not that expensive to do so, and it’ll make you feel better about it and eliminate any odors that might come from it’s previous home.


Rug Tip: No matter what type of rug you end up with, I highly recommend these rug pads from RugPadsUSA. Look at how thick they are! They make my rugs so squishy and movement-free. AND, they are currently 20% off too! Don’t skip the rug pad…it really makes a huge difference on the feel and look of your rugs.

Hope this helps you in the rug shopping process. Buying a rug is one way to instantly change an entire room!


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