If any of y’all have a bookcase – it’s time to give it a makeover! Although its purpose is to technically store books, bookcases have revolutionized into an actual decor element for your home. They have become a way to display, like a display case if you will, and now can be a featured element in your home! Bookcases come in so many different styles to match any aesthetic, and can be used for storage, decor, and display!  Today, we’re all about pushing the books to the side, and styling your bookcase so that it becomes an amazing feature in your space!

Things to Display

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Showcase your Favs: One thing that I love about a bookcase is that it doesn’t necessarily have to have a rhyme or reason. When finding some elements to add on to the shelves, you just have to start off by thinking what does this piece mean to me, and if it means something – go for it! Start styling your bookcase by adding some of your favorite souvenirs and mementos. I know what you’re thinking, that’s so not decoresque – but don’t worry, we will get there. If you add some of your favorite souvenirs and things that actually mean something to you, you will finally give those pieces a home that may otherwise be collecting dust in a drawer or closet, and when you take a glance from time to time, those moments will be brought to life and cherished!

Add Some Greenery: A bookcase is kind of the perfect place to add some of the most amazing smaller faux plants or some real succulents. Alongside, your fav pieces and souveniers, adding plants in the mix will literally bring the area to life, while requiring little to no maintenance! It kind of just brings a very relaxed and lively vibe to the piece, and is something extremely pleasing for your eyes to look at! Extra points for putting it in a cute pot to match the decor.

Embrace the Natural Tones: Adding some natural elements to the bookshelf will definitely help the decor feel a bit more grounded. Since this bookcase is going to be a place of display, adding natural tones and elements like stone, wood, marble, onyx or metals, will ground all the elements that don’t necessarily go together. The best thing about having a place of display is that you can display as many or as little items as you want, and they don’t have to match together. Adding some cohesive decor throughout will be a game-changer!

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Framing Those Pictures: Frames are an awesome decor element for your bookcase. Sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect spot for multiple frames, but what is so awesome about a bookcase is that each shelf can tell its own story, which means you can repeat elements and add a bunch of frames to the piece.

Metallic Items: Adding some metallic features to a bookcase are also an awesome way to play with the light in the room. Metallic pieces will literally embrace and reflect the light and help bring a more natural and airy vibe to the space and to the decor of the piece. If you want to keep the bookcase looking vintage, adding some aged metallic is the way to go!

Storage Items: Guys, this is my absolute favorite element to add to bookshelves – some awesome storage! Adding wired baskets, wooden boxes, crates, a place to store some paper, really any type of small storage, will take your bookcase to the next level!

Embrace the Vintage: When styling your bookcase, don’t forget about the past. Being that a bookcase kind of screams vintage in and of itself, adding some of your fav vintage decor like an old typewriter, or film camera, is the perfect way to bring the past to life – one of our favorite things to do here at MegMade.


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Now that you’ve gotten all your decor pieces together, it’s time to place them! Trick of the trade – never put anything of the same size next to each other! Play around, put a taller element next to a shorter, or a vertical next to a horizontal. It’s all about dimension and contrast, which will look extremely pleasing on the eyes! Another trick is to use odd numbers when styling! If you have four frames that you want to add, placing three on the same shelf in one on the next shelf – odd numbers also look pleasing! Play with shapes as well, adding unique shapes next to one another, or picking items that have different shapes is an awesome way to make sure your bookcase looks great!


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If you’re not ready to say no to the books, think about adding some elements to the top of the case! Adding a vase, a plant, or even adding some books on top of one another, is an easy way to update it without overdoing it!


Source: Desire to Inspire

Painting and staining your bookcase is the easiest way to update it – especially if it’s a vintage and needs some love! But besides painting, adding some wallpaper to the backing of the case, or adding some backsplash features are some awesome ways to create a completely unique piece! Even adding a base to the piece can change its look altogether.

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