The Progression of Our Living Room

Our living room has gone through a few different stages in the 3 years we have lived in our apartment. The first transformation was the most drastic for sure. The biggest change we made was painting our trim and fireplace white. The walls were originally a mossy color when we moved in and we quickly traded that in for light gray walls. We painted the wall behind our fireplace in Benjamin Moore Hale Navy, a color we often use on furniture.
We got our couch from West Elm, but the chairs and coffee table are from MegMade. We also had a glass console custom made for behind our sofa. It’s amazing how much this space has transformed from what it looked like when we moved in! We had a very long project list. In the first iteration, we knew we just wanted it to be lighter. It was so dark with the wood trim and the darker walls. Sometimes I think wood trim is cool, but we had a medium stain that just felt so dated and drab. I have zero regrets about painting it white!
So in this picture, you have to hunt a bit for the differences. It’s like that game with two very similar pictures and just a few small changes. Can you find them? We changed our mantel decor, we painted the banister black, and got some new throw pillows.

In this picture, there are a few smaller changes and then one big one! The big one is the rug. We found this amazing HUGE rug at an auction and it makes such a big difference in this room. I love the rich color and the size of it. We also got new lamps and again…new throw pillows. Changing your throw pillows can be addicting, but it’s an easy way to change things up. Sometimes you can just rotate pillows from different rooms and it can help shake things up.

This is why I encourage people to stick to neutral furniture and decorate with color. That way, when you get restless like I do, you can make less expensive changes and get a fresh look.

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