The “Wet” Look, or Grand Piano Finish

One of the finishes we offer to our customers is what we call the “wet” look or grand piano finish. This is an ultra glossy finish that creates a mirror effect on your piece. Sometimes people refer to this look as a lacquered finish. wet-look-in-black

We recommend this finish to customers who are looking to make a piece really pop in the room. It’s best for a piece that is not going to have a lot of people touching it. A coffee table would probably not be well-suited for the wet look. The wet look can help give a modern look to vintage furniture. It completely changes the look of the piece!

I absolutely love this piece shown on Dishfunctional Designs. It can be really fun to take a color, like this bright red, and give it an ultra gloss finish. The shine makes the piece look very expensive and high-end. The process to achieve the look requires a lot of buffing!

We did this black buffet for a customer in black wet. It is an entryway/hallway piece and really pops in high gloss. She chose new hardware and added legs to the piece and it really made a huge transformation. I love that she chose to do black wet because it really works with the design of her house. She has expensive taste and her house is very thoughtfully curated. If this piece had been finished in a matte look, I think it would have felt too casual for the rest of the house.gloss-black-chest

I love this inspiration from Centsational Girl. I have never done a piece with gold leafing and black wet all in one! It makes me eager to do this for a customer or a floor piece. I love how the gloss looks on pieces that have some roundedness to them. On this piece, it makes the rounded front look spectacular! On other pieces that have the classic Frenchy curves, the wet look can also look really amazing as it brings out those details. j34989988_012_b

This campaign dresser is made by Anthropologie. Our wet look doubles the listed price of our pieces, but you’re still getting a steal compared to this piece! Anthro is selling this 6-drawer tallboy for $2,000. You could achieve the same look on one of our tallboys and definitely still save close to $500 on a very similar piece. I do love the wet look on campaign furniture- we will have to do this on a piece soon!



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