The Wonder of Wallpaper

I’m a big fan of wallpaper. It can add texture to walls, but also, to furniture! I wanted to share some of my favorite wallpaper uses with you. First, let’s start off in my own home. I used to be afraid to mess with wallpaper. It just sounded like a lot of work! However, it’s a breeze when you use a wallpaper company that will do the installation for you My friend, Erin, at Relativity Textiles creates amazing papers and can install them for you.


In our master bedroom, we used the Peacock- Gold print on two walls. I was a little hesitant to do it on two walls- I usually would do 1, 3, or all! I love how it turned out though. It feels unique and works really well in our space. When you enter this room, you see the wall on the left of the bed first, so you have that initial impact. The other two walls are less focal. For us, this arrangement works lovely. I love that the pattern is subtle and neutral. I like to redecorate often, so it gives us flexibility to change things up!

M Lindsay Photography

In our dining room, we went with the accent wall look. This paper is from Rifle Paper Co.  Unlike the Peacock print, this paper was too loud and big for more than one wall of this room. Our dining room is combined with our kitchen and isn’t very large. Any more of the paper and the room would have been a little overwhelming. With the tall window on the one wall, the paper doesn’t have too large of a presence. I just loved this print. It has pineapples on it! We later added a pineapple lamp to the buffet in the corner too


This piece is one we did at MegMade. It shows how that same Peacock pattern can work in other places. This hutch became such a unique piece after adding that paper in the back. I love the look of wallpaper in the back of open shelving. It’s a great way to introduce a pattern if you don’t want to commit to wallpapering a wall or have rental limitations. 1422-01307-1-of-1

Here is another hutch we did with wallpaper in the back. This one is a larger pattern and shows you how that can work too. The glass shelves allow you to see the whole continuous pattern, which is sometimes desirable when using a bigger design.


This is a beautiful bathroom in a house we photographed a while back. I love using wallpaper in a bathroom. This one works well with the clean white tile. It allows for the print to be large, but condensed. It doesn’t need to occupy the whole space, because of the tile. Bathrooms are a great place to consider using wallpaper because of this. You don’t need a lot of paper! It isn’t super expensive to wallpaper a bathroom, but it adds a lot of impact.

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