It’s official guys, we are entering into the Roaring Twenties – and y’all this is going to be the absolute best year yet. Okay? To make it just that, you have to start believing that it will be RIGHT NOW – and what better way to welcome and set this tone for this amazing year to come, then by throwing an amazing 2020 party?! We’re saying goodbye to 2019, and hello to a whole new decade – and we have to throw a party to represent this! Today, we’re going to give you some tips on throwing the absolute best New Year’s Eve party to welcome this amazing new decade. 2020 here we come!


So, if you guys have noticed lately – things are getting a bit more luxurious out in the decor world. Why? Well, if we think back to 100 years ago – the roaring twenties were just that – luxurious! So, it’s only fitting that we’re seeing the glam and glitz come back into action. To make your New Year’s Eve party represent this amazingly luxurious, you have to think glam! Starting off with some faux pearls, feathers, with necklaces, drapery for your tables, or even for your wine glasses, glitter decor and confetti, luxurious colors like pink, and gold, and even going in with some metallics and EVERYTHING art deco, will bring you that luxury vibe that is surely coming into this new year – oh, and offset all this brightness with some deep black tones – this will definitely scream ’20s vibes! 


With luxury, comes the finer things in life – so to take this party to next level amazingness, going in with well, the finer things in life, will surely make the point. Having appetizers like cheese, grapes, and of course – wine, are definitely where you need to start. This is where you get to play around with the food, trying out cheese like brie or gouda, or introducing a fancy wine that just tastes luxurious. Setting your appetizers on your rarely used serving ware, using actual glasses rather than typical red cups, having a cocktail shaker next to a little bar station you set up – you know, just those extra little things that will take the party from Oh to Woah!


If you’re having a New Years’ Eve Party this year – you MUST have a dress code. I mean, if you’re throwing a party and not having a flapperesque, dress to the nines, dress code, are you even doing 2020? Having a costume New Year’s Eve party will set the tone for the year to come, and will give everyone an excuse to get dressed up for the new year!


If you have it, use it! Listen, we get how easy it is to use disposables, I mean it’s SUPER easy, but if you want this party to really be a hit, use your glassware! Take all those bar glasses out of storage, fill some champagne glasses, and even add some fizzy hard rock candies in to make things pop a little more, have a wide variety of glassware available – and make sure you have some drinks ready to match the glasses! This will take your party from something simple to something CLASSIC! And that’s what the ’20s are going to be about.


To make this party seem regal and luxurious, you need to add a bunch of different lighting sources – not just from the high hats. Firstly, the main light source for the room should be dimmed, and you should use different elements to provide the light. Doing this will bring a very soft, relaxed, but elegant vibe to the space. Try going in with some alternative lighting like candles, LED candles, lamps, string lights – things that aren’t the main source, to give some mood to the space.


So every New Year’s party needs balloons, noisemakers, and 2020 glasses, but that doesn’t mean it still can’t be that of luxury. When choosing the essentials, think gold, think bright, and think metallic – and it will surely fit right into your party decor!


It doesn’t HAVE to be jazz, although extra points if it is,, but y’all music is the easiest way to set the tone for this party. Putting on some smooth hits, some classics – or dare I say, some elegant restaurant music, will set the tone for the night!

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