Guys, it’s time for the best party of October – Halloween costumes! Aren’t you super excited? I know maybe that sounds a bit sarcastic because I know how it is shopping for costumes with the kiddos! But, we can all agree that trick or treating with the little ones has to be one of the best times of the year! But, dressing up isn’t only for the kiddos. We all can dress up for Halloween, because like I said in a  previous post – it’s that one time of year we can feel like kids again! Whether you’re going to a party, giving out candy, or trick or treating with your kids, we’re giving you some of the top costumes out there this year! Spooktacular, isn’t it?


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This year is all about pop culture. Of course, you’re going to see animals, witches, career costumes, pirates, and werewolves, but pop culture is in full swing, and that’s for costumes for everyone! It’s actually been said that Halloween may look like something out of 30 years ago  – I mean YES, but also, really? Here’s the thing, a lot of 80s thrillers and shows are taking place in the 80’s – like Stranger Things, and American Horror Story. And, with all the classic reboots like It, and even the new movie out Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, the 80s is everywhere! if you look at our Halloween decor blog, you’ll see that the classics are coming back in decor as well! You’re going to see Stranger Things characters everywhere you turn, but you’re also going to see 80s workout girls, pop-rock princesses, Ghostbusters, Clueless and Back to the Future costumes! Another popular trend this year is – Aliens! Yes, you heard me. Aliens are so in all due to that Area 51 craze that’s been going on this year, but if you ask me, aliens can be an adorable costume! Plus with IT coming out, you are going to see a ton of clowns around. Not my fave, if you ask me. With movies like Toy Story and Aladdin this year too, you are going to see a ton of toy characters and genies! Y’all if you ask me, this is a year of nostalgia! Besides the 80s, you’re also going to see a lot of Captain Marvel and a ton of animal costumes!

#1 – Robin & Steve from Stranger Things

Scoop’s Ahoy is literally going to be seen on every adult AND every child. Making the perfect duo for best friends, couples, or anyone who just LOVES Stranger Things!

#2 Captain Marvel

Is it me, or this kind of always a thing? Either way, expect to see a lot of it this year!

#3 Men in Black Agents

Yup, that’s right. Men in Black is so in this year! And I guess the simplicity in the costume, makes it an awesome choice!

#4 Forky from Toy Story 4

This is going to be a complete makeup challenge if you ask me, but expect to see some small and tall forks frolicking around this year!

#5 Sansa Stark from Game of Thrones

With the Game of Thrones finale this year, you are going to see a lot of people dress up as their favorite characters.

#6 80s Chick

Yes, there are going to be a ton of 80s throwbacks this Halloween – and this is one of them! Grab your scrunchies and leg warmers, and go all out!

#7 Hocus Pocus Witch

Is it me or does Hocus Pocus just seem to be getting bigger and bigger as the years go on? Well, this year, expect to see mini, and adult Hocus Pocus witches, flying around your neighborhood – obviosly, on their brooms and vacuum. If you know, you know.

#8 Fortune Tellers and Spooky Board

So there are going to be a ton of fortune tellers out there and spooky board costumes! These costumes can be full of glam, or can be overall scary – I guess it’s how you decide to go with it!

#9 Genie from Aladdin

Speaking of fortune, the Genie from Aladdin is going to be a popular costume for both men and women and kids!

#10 Animal

Animal costumes are also extremely popular this year! Foxes, octopus, and squirrels seem to be the top 3. Definitely random, but hey, who’s judging?

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