Top 8 Shared Bedroom Ideas

Kids bedrooms are so fun to design – but shared bedrooms can prove to be tricky. I know first-hand as my boys share a room.  I am nearly finished with their room and you will see the final reveal here super duper soon. In the meantime, here are 10 ideas that will hopefully help if you are in the same situation!

Get a dresser with an even number of drawers

I have quickly realized with my crew that if one has or gets something, the other wants the same thing. Whether just a hug or a new toy from Target. By having an equal number of drawers in their shared bedroom, it means that they get equal storage. It also means that pants are in the bottom drawer for both of them, shorts in the next, t-shirts and then pj’s and undies on top. It makes it easy for me putting away my mountain loads of laundry as well! There is also a symmetry to it that I like when doing a twin bed on either side.

Have a distinct separation of whose side is whose

To make it feel less like a shared bedroom and more like they still get their own space, distinct spaces are great. I love the way that Tracery Interiors individualized this shared bedroom with unique bedding to either bed, different art, privacy curtains and a divider between the beds. Clearly a shared room, but with separation. (photo source)


It is still crazy to me how both of my children have the same mother and father and have been raised in the same manner and how they can be so darn different. My oldest son is really into construction and building things. My younger son is into animals and hot wheels. A good way to make a room look cohesive yet personalized is to put common ground art in the shared areas and add the first letter of their name or art that takes into account their hobbies or passions and put that on their side of the room. (photo source: unknown)

Stack em

A great way to save space is bunk beds. I especially love a good custom built in bunk bed. I personally prefer stairs next to it if space allows, but a ladder is always good too. Clearly, the ceilings need to be high enough and one child old enough to be so high. But if you meet those criteria, it is a great way to save space. My brother thought it was hilarious to hide under my bed and make scary noises at night. I can only imagine what you can do to our sibling with bunk beds, but they make for fun adult memories. (photo source)

Invest in a good closet organizer

Our house doesn’t have good closet storage and with a shared bedroom it make it an even bigger challenge. Customizing the closet to get every last bit of space is a great idea. You can spend lots of money or be frugal. We just bought closet organizers from Ikea and they worked great for their room. This blog post is helpful if you want to go down the Ikea route.

Maximize every nook and cranny

Storage is key in a shared bedroom and taking advantage of every nook and cranny is a must. It is especially important to be creative when you have sloped ceilings like we do! There are so many creative ideas to tackle this. Window seats with drawers underneath, drawers under beds and built in bookcases, to mention a few. The photo above embraces every nook and cranny perfectly!(photo source)


I am a minimalist. It is tricky with kids who love a bunch of small things though. My kids love legos and hot wheels and all of the things that hurt your feet when you step on them! I don’t mind lots of small toys, but have a place to put them. I like have baskets or closed cabinets for most toys and books and to only keep a few things out and visible. It makes me feel like the room is cleaner…just don’t open the drawers. I love how Studio McGee styled this room. (photo source)

Sound machine

This has nothing to do with design, but it is a life saver. Our kids wake each other up, but when the sound machine is on, they stay sound asleep all night long!

Hope this helps! I know I felt over-whelmed when moving my kiddos in together but now I wouldn’t want it any other way!

Cover photo is from the amazing and super talented Joni or Lay Baby Lay!

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