IT’S TOUCHDOWN SEASON! And I promise you’re going to score on these MUST HAVE storage pieces! We all love some decor that stores y’all! I mean, guys, does it get much better than a piece of furniture that doubles as a storage option? Having a beautiful piece of furniture, that also has a function is a win-win for everybody – I mean, it’s incredible! Listen, we all have too many blankets, and we all have too many pillows and we all have too little space to store them! And real talk: a lot of storage options look just like that – a storage piece. But no more guys! Today we’re going to give you some hidden storage furniture goodness ideas, showing you just how amazing it is to incorporate some storage into your furniture, without even realizing that there is a space for storage within the piece!


If you’re like me, you love a good ol’ bench in the foyer. But guys, there are some options out there that will literally have storage space within the bench itself! A storage bench is great for a foyer or even placed at the end of the bed because it definitely can be a decor element while hiding some of those extras that you just don’t have a spot for! For the foyer, storing away extra shoes, umbrellas, or even garden flags, would be perfect for inside the bench. In the bedroom, extra sweaters, blankets, pillows, and even towels, would be a great option to store away! Guys, even in the playroom, a bench would be perfect to store away all those extra toys!


Although some may get it confused with a bench, an ottoman is technically a piece of furniture that is considered as part of the couch. An ottoman can also be called a footstool, tuffet, hassock, or pouf. An ottoman is a great way to add that extra storage into your living room, while also having the function of resting your feet or even as a beverage holder (if you have a tray on top of it). Plus, an ottoman adds extra space for seating for the tight living rooms, or if you have a larger space, maybe you just want to add some more space for family and guests! If you’re incorporating an ottoman into your decor, a tip would be to go in with a texture or material different from the rest of the couch. Not only does it provides a great contrast, but it will offset the other furnishings in the room wonderfully.


If an ottoman isn’t your thing, going with a side table or coffee table that has storage is an amazing way to add some storage into your living spaces! There are so many awesome tables that are out there that have storage options. Whether its a lift-up style storage table, a table with drawers, or if it has shelving underneath, having a table where you can store some extra things in, is a win! Plus, there are some options for a coffee table that overlays some ottomans, I mean, really?- we love it!


A trunk or a chest is a versatile piece of furniture that can be used for anything! You can use it strictly for storage, or you can use it for side tables, accent pieces, coffee tables, at the end of the bed… honestly, the options are endless! Trunks are also great because, without color, it creates a bold statement and can really create an accent as itself in the space! Plus, there is a trunk for any type of style! It goes without saying that an antique truck would look awesome in a rustic/farmhouse environment, or even in contemporary space, but there are ways to update your trunks with hardware and paint to make them fit into a modern home!

*featured image from Target. 


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